Adarius Bowman joins Montreal Alouettes

Montreal Allouettes will be an improved team Friday night when we visit due to the addition of receiver Adarius Bowman .
I know Bowman hasn't had a great start with Winnipeg and all ,have a gut feeling he is going to be a great addition to the Als .
His first game against Ti-Cats has me concerned ,still looking forward to this game with a high possibility of the much anticipated CFL debut of Manziel (with Bowman)...
Will our O-Line improve ?Yes,very likely with every game they will.
Will Montreal's O-line implode without Bomben ?...possibly!

Adarius Bowman is done. :frowning:

In other news Vernon Adams sounds off on MTL fans
(Maybe he is trying to get released??Hmm, we could use a backup QB)

Montreal Alouettes quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. sounded off Monday after hearing 'We want Johnny' chants during his team's loss to the Edmonton Eskimos on Thursday night.
The chants were, of course, made in reference to fans wanting to see newly acquired quarterback Johnny Manziel hit the field, but Adams, who went 15-for-28 for 217 yards and an interception on Thursday, believes the fans were unfair to him.
"Yes, it hurt me to hear that. I have nothing more to say or to give to the supporters of Montreal. Never again," Adams told La Presse, per Google translate. "Their behavior was very disrespectful. It was not like I was playing badly. I do not want them to ask me for anything, not even a small piece of equipment."

Adams was making his first start of the season on Thursday. Reports prior to the game indicated Manziel, a former first-round pick in the NFL, would see his first regular season snaps in the CFL at some point. Instead, Adams took every snap in the 44-23 loss as the Alouettes dropped to 1-5 on the season.

"I do not care what the situation is. It was a lack of respect and it affected me," Adams said. "I tried anyways to make plays on the field. But that's fine. In the future, I'll treat the fans as they treated me. That's all. "
The 25-year-old Adams finished as the Alouettes leading rusher against the Eskimos, adding 72 yards and a touchdown on eight carries, and Alouettes head coach Mike Sherman said after the loss he believed the quarterback "played well enough to win."
"My performance was not perfect, but I think I played a pretty good game overall," Adams said. "We left points on the ground for several reasons, some of which because of my passes lacked precision. We should have scored at least 10 more points."
Despite Sherman's praise for Adams after last week's game, Manziel took first-team reps in practice on Monday and appears to be the favourite to start Friday against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats – his former team. Sherman, however, said he would not be revealing his starter until game day.

I understand the frustration that both Adams and Saunders were feeling when they vented. However, they both need to realize that they come under the scrutiny of fans that arepaying to be entertained and want their team to win. If the fans are disgruntled and show their displeasure these guys need to suck it up and move on as professionals.

Some takeaways:

  • Football players are human.

  • Fans exercising their "right" to humiliate and antagonize the hometown players can have consequences, notwithstanding the fact that fans pay their salaries.

  • Adams sounds unbelievably bitter. I hope he bounces back.

  • Gotta think this is in part a cumulative effect of the total time VA has spent under Johnny's shadow, including at Ticats' training camp.

  • This is the kind of negative impact of having Johnny Superstar on board that I was worried about before he got here, but somehow it doesn't seem to have affected us in the same way. That would be an interesting story to read from an enterprising journalist: what did his TC teammates really think about all the hoopla?

  • Not saying I blame Johnny for any of this. He can't control the hype that surrounds him. (Well, if he really wanted to limit it I suppose he could devote all his time to football instead of e-commerce ventures and podcasts.) Nevertheless, it was still a reason for concern about the impact on the team.

  • If Johnny starts winning games for MTL, none of this will matter. But it sure will cause some major angst in the Golden Horseshoe region.

I was watching some of that game Adams was 3-14 at one point. He looked awful. This is pro sports crying to media gets you nowhere. The only way to silence your haters is win.

I can not understand how A.Bowman could be done like dinner...?
Predict a good game from him based on ancient play from days of old with the Esks ,I'm cheering for him as a fellow done like dinner item...hmmm

Damn right V. Adams should be saying his feelings are hurt after his treatment by Als Fans...
Perfect answers to the media so far ,controlled and to the point ,well said Vernon, hope for the best in the future with another team or back in the starter role again with Als...

  1. Wow, another cry baby we have here in Vernon Adams now !! ::slight_smile:

Must be some contagious disease going around the CFL. Can you imagine if Adams was still in
Hamilton and he played like that ?? He would have heard a lot more booing at THF.
Glad that cry baby is not here any longer.

I guess Marc Trestman is a real big bad boogie man, because he has replaced the much heralded
James Franklin as his starting QB and replaced him with the rookie, Mcleod Bethel Thompson for
the Argos next game !!

Shame on him, that just might hurt Franklin`s feelings too !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Moe Khan?
1m1 minute ago
#AlsMTL fans would have gotten their money's worth if they had shown up for today's practice to see Johnny Manziel throw with the first team. #Alouettes #CFL

As far as VAjr goes, I would take him back if his contract is much less than when he first came and I would think it is.

And then throwing against 1st team Defence! :o

John Lu?Verified account
37s37 seconds ago
#AlsMtl Day 2 prep, defence ramping up speed and it shows. One Manziel first team sequence vs 1D: 5 plays — 2 completions, 2 picks (Cox, Ellis), 1 tuck & run when pocket collapsed. #CFL #TSN

Somewhere in between Bowman's journey from Edmonton to Winnipeg he has seemed to have lost his mojo. He was a virtual ghost this season with the Bombers and frankly a total non factor in pretty well every game that Winnipeg played so far . In 6 games this year his stats are a rather well below pedestrian grand total of 9 catches for 95 yds and none for TD's . No reason to think that he will suddenly and magically get that mojo back playing in Montreal . Bowman is well past his past due date and at 33 yrs of age he will fit in perfectly with the other geriatrics in Kavis Reed's Travelling Carnival and Circus Act .

I remember when I stopped cheering for the Montreal Canadian's because they booed Ken Dryden and were wanting Bunny Laroque after one bad game the first game of the finals against the NY Rangers . It was very disrespectful after many Stanley cup wins and Dryden brought them to the finals . Bunny got hurt next game and Ken won the next 4 for another cup .

But Adams has no history . Not sure what he expects when he just arrived back and the team has been terrible for years and they of course would like to see JF .
His rant was out of place for a pro player with no resume . His bitterness is miss placed .

Adams is making a big mistake. I don't blame him for being frustrated after being pushed around everywhere but the fans weren't against him as much as they just wanted to see JF. In some ways he is fortunate to be on any team. It took a lot of circumstances to get signed back with the Als.

A back up QB has to be behind the starter 100%. If they are full of resentment and letting their feelings become public they will not be employed for long. Adams actually has a chance to be the solid number 2 in MtL and could see action on many short yardage plays. Everybody thinks JF will bolt the CFL after next year (too early to tell) and Adams could be in a situation to be the guy.

His chances just took a big hit.

2 thoughts on the Adams statement.
First off had he read the situation correctly e would understand that no matter how well he performed the JM chants would happen. Somebody should have spoken to him about this unless they assumed he would anticipate this.

Bad call when you paint all fans with the same brush, I am sure there were some Als fans cheering all game for him. FOr him to say he will never no matter how small give anything to a Montreal fan was not a very well thought out statement. You want fans on your side and guess what, the backup QB is often the most popular player on a bad team and that is what he officially is now.

I agree with Adams in Montreal, and with Saunders in Hamilton. Bad manners are bad manners, and paying for your entertainment doesn’t excuse them. It is the kind of behaviour, in my view, that makes the other fans resentful of the guy being chanted for, despite being in no way responsible.

Well...I don't think the fans in Montreal were really directing their booing at Adams. (As an aside, do we need a Jr., if there is no Sr. on the same team??)

Anyway, Montreal Coach Sherman said Johnny Manziel "would play". He didn't say start, he said play.

When the game was out of reach and Adams continued to trot out on the could hear the boos through my surround sound.

They had a large number of seats sold after the "will play" announcement...I believe leading to lots of fans who wanted to see Johnny, including a large number of kids from New York.

Players choice

You're bang on. I watched that game start to finish. They hooked me in too.