Adarius Bowman extends with Winnipeg

I thought the reason we were given why Bowman was traded was because of the likelihood that he would only play one more year in the CFL and then bolt to the NFL for 2010. Now he has signed an extension with the Blue Bombers before the 2009 season even begins ...

I know a lot of fans did not like Bowman for dropping a few pass (which a lot receivers in the CFL do with alarming frequency, even veterans) and for smiling on the side lines etc. but nowhere did the Rider head office mention lack of performance, dropped passes or attitude as the reason for the trade, only the idea that he would not be in the CFL in 2010.

Oh well, the Riders are bringing home some our good ole' Saskatchewan white boys... that could make a few of the pick up truck drivers here a little happier I guess.

I don't think Rider management ever said that. It was fairly common speculation on here, however.

I also believe it was mostly a fan driven rumour. And not a very credible one at that.

...there was a pic. in the local paper of Bowman in the Bomber locker- room working-out....he looks to be in pretty good shape...thanx.... :wink: :thup: