Adariius Bowman Released

After the performances of Greg Carr, this should come as no big surprise:

[url=] ... ase-bowman[/url] know MadJack.....I never liked a player who came up smiling after he 'flubbed' one....He kinda got under my skin and i believe it doesn't show much respect ....We're slowly getting rid of the deadwood...Ralph is as good as gone and you're right...this Carr kid came in with a great attitude, beside being a talented receiver....I wonder if we can find a few more of those....I think we'll stick with Davis for now . He seems to have found his game again and should get better...I'd say we're still looking though :roll:

Least shocking release of the year IMO, particularly with the emergence of Greg Carr.

I would suggest Argos pick him up, but they have nobody to throw him the ball. I suspect he will be a great receiver again with another CFL team, one that knows what they are doing. Not inffering that Bombers do not know what they are doing, I would never say that. :cowboy:

I'm not surprised at all either. Bowman had too much the dropsies and Greg Carr has been a total revelation. I also really like Jeffers-Harris.
You guys got good pieces moving forward with Jyles (big fan), Freddy boy, and your receivers. Hopefully Cory Watson can become a more key contributor so you can ditch Ralph, who sucks.

I don't think he has played long enough in the league to be considered a veteran and receive his full salary for the year, so I guess they save some $$$, he did have a fat new contract courtesy of MK.

I also thought I read somewhere that any player released by a team after the trade deadline can't sign with another team for the rest of this season.

Anyone know if that is the case ?

This was A Bowman's third season in the league so he won't get his full salary. I believe it's a sliding scale depending on how many years under 4 a guy has been in the league (I read that in an article by Terry Jones once). Penton from the Sun apparently tweeted that A Bowman was done for the season for the reason you asked about, Pigseye.