Adams Jr. throws for CFL season high in Lions win

VANCOUVER — Vernon Adams Jr. continues to find ways to put up numbers, and wins, in 2023.

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Total domination.

1/3rd of the riders yards and over 50% of their points in final 2 mins when bc played prevent.

176 vs 11 total yards in the first quarter. If bc finishes in the first q they put 60 on the riders.

Cfl has gotta change this starting at the 40 after a field goal. Go back to starting at the 20 or 25. Defences already have enough stacked against them. Remove the rouge for anything that’s not returnable. Push the kickoff line up 5 yards. And start calling offside when receivers cross the line early, they call offside when a defenders big toe is a cm past the one yard mark. And start calling holding penalties. Why have rules you don’t call…

Good for va hitting 4k yards, good for Hollis and Hatcher going over 1k. I think the Lions need a better back. Mizzel rarely breaks tackles and has a lot of trouble if he gets going east west. I’d like to see them give the little guy another shot.