Adams Jr. scores five touchdowns in first career playoff victory

VANCOUVER — Vernon Adams Jr. went out five hours before kickoff to warm up for the game against the Calgary Stampeders in the Western Semi-Final, one hour for every touchdown he would eventually score.

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VA, please don’t do that next week in Winnipeg. I have a playoff pool to win.


He looked pretty darned good

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So, now its all about you is it now princess :kiss:


That was of course Good Vernon.

Bad Vernon we found out was on vacation and spent the week in Cancun. He’s apparently a little worse for wear. When we talked to him all he could say was “tequila”. Bomber fans have however paid for his return to the Lions (unknown to his teammates). We will be housing him in a first class hotel suite stocked with booze and will ensure he arrives safely at IG Field on Saturday.


If bad Vernon went to Cancun, is that good or bad for the chances of having a neutral site game in Mexico? :thinking:


Many Lions played a great game to ensure the victory. But , to me, the most underrated player was Jevon Cottoy. Numerous clutch catches, hard to tackle and the catch on the on side kick. He never gets the recognition he deserves.

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