Adams and McIntyre....ready to play?

Just wondering if anyone knows if Adams and McIntyre are ready to come back. Anybody out there been at practices this week...who's been in with the first string D-line? :cowboy:

They've been ready to play forever but according MB, our DL is playing to damn well to slot them into the lineup. How much booze did he have before reviewing the film the past couple weeks?

No kidding eh? Yeah...we're playing so damn well that we're LAST in sack totals. And look how well they contained Bishop from rolling out. Argh!!!!

8) According to todays Spectator, it looks like Adams and McIntrye may play tomorrow, at the expense
  of Montez Murphy and Demonte Bolden.  Marcel says he still hasn't made a final decision on that  yet.

  If they go with the same DL as they have for the last couple of games, Cavillo will have a field day 

  out there, with lots of time to find his receivers  !!!    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

  A powerfull pass rush is the only way to try and stop AC !!

The 46 man roster doesn't list Montez Murphy on it,
but Darrell Adams is, and so is Garret Mc Intyre at DT!.

Marcel has been giving 3 or 4 players reps
with the first string team each week

so it is harder to tell who will start.


i thought Caulley was out best kick returner and provides that guy that can get those tought yards in the red zone . It would haev been nice to have caulley in there to on second and long to block .Too bad about Presche..I hope JAMES has a good game ...

The D-LINE changes excite me as I was hoping to see them get Mcintyre in there soemhow possibly at DT and they did ..I am anxious to see the pass rush these 4 guys can generate as the 2 new guys should be well rested and healthy and ready to show they belong..well i hope ...

The Depth Chart shows the following 46-man Roster changes compared to last week:

Caulley OUT and on injured list
Carter OUT and on injured list
Murphy OUT out and on injured list
Rodriguez OUT and on injured (was on Reserve last game)
McIntyre IN (Murphy's spot)
Adams IN (Bolden's spot, with Bolden still one of the 46)
Hailey IN
Ike Brown IN

Of the 4 going on the Reserve List, 3 will have to be imports - likely Bolden, Haley & Gordon
and 1 non-import - likely Gagne-Marcoux again

An added note of interest:
McIntyre, after missing 7 games, comes back at TACKLE. He'd always played END before getting injured. Long took over at end when he went down and will continue there.

I would have like to seen McIntyre in at DE because of his speed off the edge. Hickman and Adams in at DT with McIntyre and Long at DE. What is, is what is...these four are our best D-linemen...hopefully they mesh together and put the heat on Calvillo. :cowboy:


They have to put some serious heat on Cavillo. Don`t give him any time for options!!

Quoting myself to add more information ...... Looking back at the depth charts for early games, Long started the season at DE and McIntyre took over starting in the third game. At that time, Long was listed as Injured for two games, then Reserve forthe next two games, then Injured for another game before McIntyre got hurt. Not sure if he was ever injured or just replaced.

McIntyre is capable at DE and DT. This guy has a non stop motor. Adams is capable at stopping the run..... Should be interesting. This is our best defensive front four. they ARE!!! Playing! WOOT!!:smiley: