Adams and McIntyre....ready or not?

Has anyone heard the status of Adams and McIntyre for Mondays game. I guess the practice was in London today so we don't know who was in with the first team D-line. :cowboy:

From what the commentators said last week during the game, McIntyre and Adams could've played that game but they decided to give them 1 more week just to be sure. Should see them for sure against Winnipeg. How bout Tisdale coming back with an impact though? Sweet interception :smiley:

I've said before that Tisdale is the real deal. This guy is pretty young but plays like a seasoned vet. McIntyre has great speed off the edge and Adams is real tough inside...against the run and rushing the qb. One more addition I'd like to see is David Ball. He runs great routes and has sure hands..which we could use. :cowboy:

i hope there ready ive been hearing for weeks now that there almost there...

We need a better pass rush. With these guys back, I worry a little bit less.

The sad part is...... even with these guys out, it's not our D costing us games.... hmmm is that a sad part even.. that might be depth!!

Our D is keeping us in games for sure but we don't get any pressure on their QBs. We are near the bottom in sacks.

Our D needs to create turnovers. Turnovers happen when pressure is applied.

Look at Labour Day, we get 4 turnovers and win. Sure the offense didn't punch much in for TDs but we still won.

The very next game against the same Argo team, we get zero turnovers, our offense has a long field all day and we lose.

Turnovers = Wins