Adams and Floyd set to return against Saskatchewan

VERY VERY good news!@#

Great news.


This is amazing news..

We have played some great football in there absence but adding Floyd and Adams back into the fold only makes our team better. Especially Adams, he is the heart and soul of our D-Line and with him back in the line up beside Hickman, Bolden, and McIntyre we will enjoy watching these guys go to work on Sunday.

As for Floyd, he might split time with Haley until he is 100% positive he is fully recovered. I would hate to lose him for longer. He is the back bone of our defense and we need him back at 100%. Haley has played amazing football for us in place of Otis and I think it would only be fair to give him some time Sunday as well..

All in all our defense has just been given another boost which can only help in this weekends game...

That our D has played so well with such important players out of the line up, speaks volumes about the talent OB has brought in. It is also a testament to the coaches ability to utilize the specific strengths of the players.
Even though we are a young team and therefore will make mistakes, I absolutely love what I am watching on the field.
I always liked going to the game, but now I find, I can hardly wait until gameday.

That is great news. I think we have a good defense, with these guys it makes it a lot better.

You bring up some good points.
Depth is really there.
This team is positioned that the loss of any single player would not ruin the season.
The closest would be Setta, and you have to think that a kicker is the safest position on the field.
Other than Setta, Thompson and Knowlton to me would be the worst hits due to their All Pro skill.
Every where else we are pretty well protected at all the important positions.

Even then, we have Stala that can punt and kick...

Oddsmakers might want to adjust the spread a bit. Ham. defense just got about 20% better.