Adams and Floyd re-SIGNED


Good move. Not a surprise ... but how long is the contract for?

I know this is somewhat "old news" but can we not get a little more info than posted here...

[url=] ... -defenders[/url]

I heard that Floyd was for one year and Adams for 2. Anyone know anything more?


You must have missed this one.

Yes, I did...Thanks :thup:

We don't get this out our way...

Good luck in signing ALL TiCats F.A,s Obie won :thup: re-These Cats from the past season are set to become unrestricted free agents in February:

  • Peter Dyakowski, guard

  • Cedric Gagne-Marcoux, guard

  • Sandy Beveridge, safety

  • John Williams, running back

  • Corey Grant, wide receiver

PD is the only urgent signing.

Great news. Yeah signing PD is the next main concentration.
But i think Bevridge warrents a good amount of pursuit aswell, even though alot of
people might not be on board as much as myself...

Agreed. Any of the rest would be nice, but Dyakowski is our main concern at this point.