Adam Tafralis

Adam is from the San Jose area which is only 2-3 hours from Sacramento. Thats one real plus I can think of. Adam always came off as a very moral family type guy and giving the explosion that did major damage to his parents home last year I imagine it will be nice to be near family.

That's more or less what was indicated in the Tweet referred to in the opening post in this thread.

I had forgotten about the damage to their home last year-- that's another good reason. So he can be where he needs to be for family and personal reasons, and make some money playing football too.

Makes sense to me. Best of luck to him, I hope it all goes well.

Yes I know he's from the area and I know it was tough for him to be away from his family, especially given the circumstances. I am happy for him because he really is a very nice guy. I hope he does well there and makes his way back to making more money than he will there.

Just out of curiosity I google mapped the trip and it's only a 2 hour and 8 min drive.

So based on typical google maps estimates, probably an hour and a half in real life.

You're bang on JFL. Adam's home is in San Bruno, which is adjacent to SFX. It's an 80 to 85 mile drive from there to Sacramento.

According to the Sacremento Mountain Lions wikipedia page (I know, I know... wikipedia isn't always accurate) Adam Tafralis is 1 of 2 Quarterbacks on the roster. The other being Daunte Culpepper.

I will certainly be tuning into some games to see him play. I really liked him while he was with the Tiger-Cats and was sad to see him go.

The UFL is junk and I fully expect it to fold sooner rather than later, however, it's still football and it's a place for guys to display their skills. Maybe we can nab a few good players once they go belly up.

And I see that this is old news. Ooops.

Still excited to see him playing pro football somewhere.

He the Back up Culpepper is the starter


Has Culpepper ever fallen off the map!!!!

His Last NFL Team was The Lions
He was Toast there The Min Roger Goodell Said With 1st Pick of the NFL Draft the Detroit Lions Sellect Mathew Stafford..
Stafford just has to Stay Healthy now

after that Culpepper was UFL Bound

For now.

Culpepper is old and junk.

However, they play an 8 game season so it's not like he has much time to take over the job.

I too thought that Adam had a shot at a decent CFL career.

Here is a recent article on what is happening in his life and with his father...

[url=] ... D1&h=f9e09[/url]

I wish them all the best!

Thanks for the link,Woody. Enjoyed the article. Having Adam back, close to home, will be good for the family and hopefully good (more playing time) for him.