Adam Tafralis

Adam Tafralis just twiited the following:
"Its official I'm going to play next season for the UFL's Sacramento Mt. Lions. So happy to be close to home".

Congrads Adam and all the best, thanks for all you did for the team and the city of Hamilton. :thup:

Lol. I thought it was "tweeted" Bruce, but I got the point.

Good for Adam. I don't have twitter and have never twotted, so please twit him my best wishes would you?

Neat, if he's going to start i'll check out 1 or 2 of his games.Good luck Adam!

The Starting QB Will be Daunte Culpepper and Head Coach is Dennis Green
Both Where on Vikings .

Adam will buying for 2nd String Job

I hope he gets it ...

We'll be sorry we cut him if Glen goes down..

Glad he landed a job somewhere. Zeke Moreno is on the mountain lions roster still as far as I know. They only played the first half of 08 together but I'm sure they will be glad to be teammates again.

He's in a better place. Hope he gets a chance to shine.

Yes Zeke is still on the Roster

Adam is a great guy and I wish him all the best. I think my oldest daughter just became a UFL fan lol

Yes and no. UFL is, for him, better than being unemployed. But I couldn't agree that the UFL is a better place than the CFL.

Well, good for her, but I doubt that I would ever be a UFL fan. . . tried watching some of their games, and sorry, I think I'd get more entertainment value out of watching paint dry.

Those leagues are a great place to keep playing a sport you love while providing an income. Nothing much wrong with that ! 8)

Something tells me that in this case, the quality of football is irrelevant.

Something tells me you're right about that . . .

LOL yep you're both right. She's 12 and hopelessly in love with AT.

I'm still waiting for a replacement for the guy , I'm not happy with Porter on 2nd. and Boltus on 3nd. :cowboy:

For the record, MadJack, the "better place" to which I was referring is Sacramento, not the UFL.

So for the record. . . you, ottawacat, are saying Sacramento is better than Hamilton?

Certainly not money wise. The UFL average is lower than the CFL minimum.

After Tafralis was released, he posted this on Facebook:

“Goodbye Hamilton, I will be signing with another CFL team next week?
[url=] ... s-cfl.html[/url]

So I thought he might've been going to Edmonton as they could use an experienced backup there after the releases of Maas and Zabransky. And it's interesting how what he posted on Facebook was not accurate, but his Twitter post was accurate.

And it's good to hear about him landing on his feet and being close to home after this happened to members of his family last year: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=60755

I remember Obie saying that we would go into training camp with four QBs, not necessarily the four we had at the time he said that. And there would not have been talk about a "logjam" at QB if another QB were not on the way in. We'll see who'll compete with Boltus to be the third stringer soon.

You got it.

They probably have better weather but that's about it.