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Hello Tiger-Cat Fans

I'm interested to know how Adam Tafralis is doing in the Canadian Football League. Excuse me in advance for not knowing anything about Canadian Football. I'm an alumni from San Jose State University and I've followed AT his whole career at SJSU and I'm wanting to know how he's doing. I hope he's doing great like he did at San Jose State University. Also will you please give me some information about the Canadian Football League. I saw a few clips on youtube, and you have a large endzone and a field from here to the moon.

Thanks in advance

Adam was the 4th string QB for a while and got a shot at 3rd string.

His playing time was minimal. Looked good and just may be the 3rd stringer next year.

For differences regarding Canadian and American football, go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison ... n_football

Here's Adam wearing #4


One thing to note: the CFL season runs from June to November, so there shouldn't be any new activity to report over the next few months unless he is released or traded.

If you want to look for highlights on youtube, or download full game videos from CFL broadband for a small fee (http://cfl-tsn.insinc.com/), Tafralis threw passes in the following games:


Fri Oct 24: Calgary @ Hamilton: Tafralis 5 of 10 for 71 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT


Sat Nov 01: Hamilton @ Winnipeg: Tafralis 15 of 29 for 197 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT

I think Tafralis might have a future in the CFL.

He could/should be our 3rd stringer next season, but there's always a lot of roster turnover in the CFL..so you never know. He could be backup, 4th stringer, or traded.

Our third string QB at the beginning of last year from Boston College, ended up finishing the season as our #1 QB - you just never know.

Tafralis will be #2 or #3, depending on what happens with Printers and Williams.

Obie and Bellefuelle really like Tafralis. And Tafralis did nothing but throw TD’s and completions when he played.

I think Williams will either be dealt or cut. He is done in Hamilton, IMO. That leaves him out of the mix.

If Porter beats Printers out for #1, and Printers refuses a pay cut, Printers will be cut too.

That would leave Porter #1 and Tafralis #2. And I think Ticat management would be ok with that, based on what these two guys showed in 2008.

I like both of those kids, but to leave them as our #1 and #2 would be INSANELY stupid. The two of them together haven’t played a complete season. They have talent, but very little experience.

Adam does look good and looks like he could have a future in the CFL, but he has to be patient and learn all he can.

Why is everyone down on Richie Williams ?? He won us a bunch of games. but i hear people
saying trade him ! Cut him! etc etc .

He is to me at worst a #2 string Qb with lots of experience.


Over the last 3 years richie williams has been the most entertaining QB to watch and has kept most of the games he has played in close, squeezing out a couple of wins. I believe he is also the youngest QB on the roster, and to cut him right now with all his upside and considering he has the most experience(assuming Printers is gone) would be stupid, but it is a move we would probably make.

So basicly you are saying we have some stupid decision makers on the Ticats staff?

A bunch?

The entire team hasn't won a bunch of games in the last few years.

Thank you everyone for the information, I appreciate it.

Richie Williams will never be a starter on a winning CFL team...

Great athlete, big heart...

Can't throw the ball


How did a post asking for information about Adam turn into a debate over the status of all quarterbacks and how well Richie throws the ball? Let's keep on topic here people.

To the Original Poster: I hope you continue to come back to this site and that your interest in the Ti-Cats and the rest of the CFL grows. I am very interested in Adam's career here as well as I think he is in a stiuation where he has a great chance at proving himself and getting a shot at some PT.