Adam Tafralis Released

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I didn't see that coming . . .

I assume this means they have signed another QB and will bring him to the Mini-Camp next week.

UNDERSTATEMENT. Considering that the team has invested so much time and training with him and he seemed to do a good job of what he was asked...I'm really surprised!

Perhaps there is more to the story that may come out...perhaps he asked for a trade or release???

So who will step up to fill Tafralis' role as the most handsome guy on the team? I imagine Peter Dyakowski would nominate himself, but isn't there a chart or something? :wink:

Any odds on whether he'll surface in Winnipeg?

I heard that we might pick up an unamed former backup QB from Edmonton.

I hate to say it, but I could honestly see the later. I mean, lets face it, Porter had a terrible season last year, and the fact he's probably making more money then Tafralis, and is still the #2 guy,I could see being upsetting any 3rd string QB. He hasn't got a lot of playing time either, which you'd think might come as a result of it, and you live in California and are away from family to play in Hamilton, when there is a chance of potentially starting for UFL team, who knows?

I'll say this, Winnipeg or BC would be wise to pick him up as a backup, especially Winnipeg given they have Buck "Fine China" Pierce.

That's the only thing I can see. I thought he looked pretty good the few times they let him play. He might have a shot at the back up job in Winnipeg IMO.

this is HUGE MISTAKE THEY KEEP PORTER Over Adam Tafralis


Porter had 1 good Game since then he's been a Bust..

Adam was never given a Shot to be #2

What are they Thinking ...

Very Pissed !!!

Porter Make Cleo Lemon look good

He will sign with another CFL next week, call it a hunch lol....I'm not certain but it does seem as though there is more to the story

CFL "team" ....hate typing on the iPhone!

Too bad for us. I agree with Tom that he was the best of our back-ups. Good luck and if it's Winnipeg then I hope he can tolerate the mosquitoes.

Sounds like they're going with Jason Boltus.

Sports is a business and if you aren't going forward, you are falling behind. If Adam wasn't going to be made the back-up, spending a third year as the third guy wasn't in his best interests. I hope he gets a shot somewhere else and has success except ...

awful, just awful, trafalis shows so much promise its ridiculous, much more than porter

i have a feeling this isnt the last we will here of Adam in the CFL, im pretty sure hes going to come back to haunt us later down the road

good luck to Adam wherever he goes!

LMAO now they have room to bring in Sinopoli.

My Argos should bring him in, it does not cost anything for a look see.
This is a surprise as to me he was much better than Porter and took over as a second stringer.

As much as I wanted to see what he could do, he's just another third string QB that has come and gone.

No big deal.

I agree. I like Tafralis as much as the next guy but there's no point in getting all worked up over a guy that spent nearly three seasons as a 3rd string QB.

According to his Facebook he is signing with another CFL team next week. He could not have been nicer to my son.I wish him all the best and believe he will do very well being given a serious opportunity to play. My guess is Winnepeg but if he winds up in Toronto with a possible release of Lemon I would not at all surprised, he has a gun for an arm. We may really regret it. Count me in with those who are now praying hard that Kevin Glenn stays healthy. Politics kept him from playing ahead of Porter in my opinion which I grant you is just my opinion.