Adam Silver NBA Expansion

At least the NBA looks to be doing a few things right for sake of improvement, but wow have Adam Silver and company botched the RSN mess despite ample notice by February 2023:

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More good news is at hand here perhaps for the NBA, which is having some success already with the “In-Season Tournament,” for which I agree with others that it sorely needs a new name such as “The NBA Cup.”

The NBA’s inaugural in-season tournament is already providing a viewership boost for some of the league’s media partners. ESPN saw one game up 73% compared to a similar broadcast window last year. Tournament games are also airing on TNT, local channels, and NBA League Pass, a practice that will continue next season.


I remain on Team Chinatown on this battle here in the City of Philadelphia.

I see no good reason that a sports team has to be located in the midst of a neighbourhood thriving anew at last post-pandemic and akin to in Manhattan via Madison Square Garden. No thanks!

Having the three largest sports venues in south Philadelphia at the sports complex is just fine here!

And I wish I could read the following article, but I am paywalled for now but will check it after reset - the local plot thickens for the respective owners of the Flyers and the Sixers.

Comcast is a stakeholder as well with its lame local NBC Sports Philadelphia Regional Sports Network still intact only because it is subsidized by the rest of Comcast. Screw you Comcast.

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I don’t know if the League can let Seattle not have a team after the move to OKC. Then Vegas I am sure will get a team as they seem to be the hot new up and coming city - getting NFL, NHL, MLB and probably a Lebron James conglomerate ownership group. Might even have Redbird Capital involved in that one.


I don’t follow the NBA closely but I checked out the divisions and they are a hot mess. Hopefully expansion to 32 teams will help sort that out.


I was listening to a podcast called “3 and Out”, anyhow this guy is a football guy and his theory is that the NBA is in for a blood bath on the next contract. Which is why Mark Cuban cashed out and went a different direction. This guy also thinks that the next target for the Saudi’s is going to be the NBA because big Tech is not going to give them a blank cheque because they don’t bring NFL numbers. Anyhow it was interesting to hear someone in the media (even if it was fringe media) call out the NBA like that.


That’s an interesting view and one that I do buy.

There are plenty of other scathing takes, from long-time fans in particular, out there including on YouTube. You can leave out all the stupid arguments between pundits that are either about LeBron on end, some manufactured some legitimate, and about two dudes who simply hate each other anyway. More than I certainly don’t care, but apparently there is still a cable audience for that crap.

Ever since The Decision, the league has become Lebron Fan Boys, who watch ESPN and FS1 who seldom bad-mouth him for his various antics, versus all the critics. That’s why I tuned out after the time The Lakers won the title in 2010, for I saw where all that noise from merely one player was going for the entire league.

NBA officiating has been a joke for a long time. I’m not sure the league has ever fixed officiating since especially the referee scandal of 2007.

It would be great, as one example of many, if they settled on clear rules for contact onto a defender that is initiated by the player with the ball. Throwing a hard shoulder into a defender or kicking him off, for example, should be a foul.

Adam Silver has earned a contract extension, for which I figure the success of the In-Season Tournament also had a hand.

For sake of TV beyond merely cable screens, I am not sure what the league is doing.

With MLB and the NHL in he same boat since late 2022 since they can’t almost force people to pay for games through that back door via cable companies via those bygone woeful regional sports networks, what is the live game media strategy?

That’s an awful lot of money still to make up with other deals, and that’s an awful lot of games to get onto paid screens (via heavy advertising revenue and/or some subscription) some other way.


Very interesting. And very interesting how the Saudis are beginning to have an effect on this landscape of pro sports here in N.A.