Adam Rita loses it....

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...listening to Stephen Brunt interviewed today on the radio he relayed a story from yesterday's Ticat/Argo tilt that shows how tense things are in Argoland right now...due to cramped conditions in the Ivor Wynne enclosed box, the press and team officials often share the same Rita and Mohns are sitting behind Dave Naylor of the G&M and sometime in the second half when it was all but confirmed that Hamilton would win Naylor turns around and asked Rita "is your coach's job secure?"....Brunt, sitting a few seats away, says Rita just explodes on Naylor, shouting four-letter variety obsenities at him and physically challenging him to fight...the entire press box stood with mouths open as members of the argo entourage encouraged Rita to leave the room, which after some more shouting he did...Brunt alludes to this in the attached article...

...the question is fairly legit though, having canned Stubler last year at this time with a better record than Andrus has now how can they justify beating this dead horse anymore...I suspect Rita, Mohns and Andrus are toast and a complete blowup of the team mgmt is imminent....

Rita and Mohns are the guys that have to go. Find Andrus a qb and he will do fine. Maybe a reciever or too as well.

you know, the Argos have a QB! they just need a Coaching staff bright enough to know how to use him!

it's the Idiot Andrus that's the problem!

Andrus has for sure been slow to learn the nuances of the CFL unlike Trestman. He's made severeal key errors that have cost the argos a win or two. Not sure why he would dress to American kickers who both can punt and kick, not the smartest of roster decisions. He's had 1/2 a season, guess he gets 1/2 more to show he's picking up the game.

Today Rita was on local Fan 590 with Hogan and aToth.
He apologized to Naylor on the radio and said he would also do it personally.
When questioned, he said how Andrus' job is not being questioned.
But he did not rule out a new OC even now, much less for next year and he even threw his name in for this position
on a temporary basis.
Boy as much as we need a real OC, I am not sure if we put Rita in charge?
But considering the status quo anything is better.

I was expecting Rita to try and grab the HC job to save his arz. Anyway those two guys have shown me very little in the five years they've been in Toronto.

Andrus has made some errors but no more than Trestman, the difference is that Trestman had the talent to cover his mistakes.

As far as the Green headed Fruits who think Joseph is all that, well Andrus, Matthews, Stubbler weren't able to make him go so I think it is time to kill that 400k experiment at season's end and use that to improve the team.

Picket is improving every game, he's got a quick release and he's very accurate short and medium all over the field.

The big Free Agent this year will be Adrian MaCpherson IMO.


Only Winnipeg goes through more Coaches than the Argos

Rita and Mohn are hacks who know they're living on borrowed time. They trade for a scrambling QB (Joseph) and then hire coaches who spend two years trying to turn him into a pocket passer (first Buratto, then Andrus). The Bruce saga is just too painful now that he's excelling with arch-rival Hamilton. The team has no focus or discipline, and the offense is completely bereft of identity. The supposed savior, Pickett, is 0-5 as a starter.

And sadly, Andrus is a mediocrity. He had his greatest success in NFL Europe. In the NFL proper, he was just an assistant. He never ran an offense himself. Trestman was O.C. for the Raiders during some of the best Gannon-Rice years. Hiring Andrus is typical of the way Toronto has run its club in the past few years: live hand to mouth, lazily attempt to find quick solutions to deep-seated problems, don't develop your own talent, try to build a winner via free agency. Andrus should never have been allowed to start the season without CFL-ready assistants, and a dedicated O.C. in particular.

What a cluster-eff of a season.

I agree after ther half year of watching, Trestman and Andrus are a world apart, there is no comparison.

Hiring Andrus is typical of the way Toronto has run its club in the past few years: live hand to mouth, lazily attempt to find quick solutions to deep-seated problems, don't develop your own talent, try to build a winner via free agency.
Are you still talking about the Argos? Or has this slipped into a Maple Leafs thread?

Trestman hired CFL assistants, and worked with Calvillo to develop an offence that suited him.

Andrus didn't try to learn the CFL, he just tries to force square pegs into round holes: Joseph into his style of offence...his style of offence into the CFL...

I'd be surprised if Andrus finishes the season.

:lol: I can't stop laughing at Rita challenging Dave Naylor to a fight... :lol: And people get on Mike Kelly for being a clown.

Not attempting a 57 yard field goal to win the game...

Taking a time count violation making a 47 yard field goal a 57 yarder...

He seems like a nice enough guy, he's just made a lot of mistakes starting with what you mentioned.

Look for Joseph to say f this and head to Winterpeg in the offseason.

Not only do we have bozo coach's. We also have the biggest circus in the CFL. Just look on the sidelines by the Bomber bench. You will see Bubbles and his organ grinder.

That's all we need.

I can just see him knocking on that cheapskate Bauer's office door and asking for 400k LOL!

Good for Rita :thup: Toronto,s Media is whats wrong with their sports teams, in particular the leafs, but its good to see Rita dig in his heals and not let the media run his team, As for Andro,s He is a good coach who took over a rebuilding team , He has some learning to do and probably should have started as an assistant, But his Teams did well in nfle so He is probably been given till 2011 to turn the Args into a contender again.

KJ is well capable, but since he has been in Toronto he hasnt had the opportunity to play the style that best suits his skill set. However I do agree that Rita and Mohns need to be shown the door.

Toronto is fairly similar to Winnipeg's situation, can't find a legit QB. Both teams have good defences, just can't create offence and continue to turn the ball over. If both teams clean house,then you will have a new coach, with a new system,new players and you are starting over again. Which leads to next year being a rebuilding year,again. It still won't change the fact , both teams don't have a legit QB.