Adam Rita Fined !!!!

8) The CFL has announced that it has fined Argo GM, Adam Rita, $500 for his infamous profanity
  laced tirade, directed at Globe reporter Dave Naylor, in the press box after Mondays game  !!!

   I guess Rita's public apology yesterday, wasn't sufficient enough to satisfy the CFL  Head Honchos !!

   It really was an ugly, and embarrassing confrontation, that Rita was entirely responsible for, and 
   some form of punishment to him was certainly called for  !!!

I don't think it goes far enough. Any violence displayed by an employee should be grounds for immediate firing.

Seems odd he would do that as he wasn't upset by that question before the game when asked on the Grill Room show.

what happened?

I hope that wee edit of Tip's excellent synopsis will clarify what happened. Greg Mohns was also present from various accounts. It's completely inappropriate for a GM of a professional football team to go off on media personnel who are there to do their job!

More here:

Oski Wee Wee,


I was wondering what Naylor asked him but the article you provided answered that

It's obvious why it hit a nerve with Rita, last week a rumour started that if Andrus lost another game he'd be fired. Who do you think leaked that ? Than a reporter turns around and asks....

Where are the Argos owners ?

8) Neither one of the Argo owners were present at the game on Monday !!!
 Apparently, they both had prior committments  !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 Just to add to this whole scenario, it was Dave Naylor that leaked the story a few weeks ago, of David 

 Braley lending money to the Argo owners  !!!

 Also it was Naylor that Arland Bruce went to, to tell his story about his big blowup with Coach Andrus.

 In other words, Dave Naylor is not on the Argos Christmas card list  !!!     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: --> 

 Still no excuse for what Rita, and his partner in crime in this episode, Greg Mohns did on Monday !!!

What Joke for a Fine .. $500.00 is Drop in the Bucket for Adam who Makes good Money :lol:
Fine should have been 5,000 Dollars. It would set an Example to all not Go after the press like that.

Hey you are the General Manager and your team has just lost another game and you are 2 -7.

A reporter asks you a "dumb question" I probably would have thrown a punch as the reporter.

why fine the guy? Let's start fining reporters for asking stupid questions.

what a great post … :thup:

It was not a Dumb Question .. It was a Legit one and He Need to be fined 5000.00 not 500