Adam Braidwood The boogyman

Adam Braidwood 253.2 vs. Ryan Jimmo 231.6

Adam Braidwood wants to contune to fight. you cant fit undersized guys all your life their

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fight video

LOL, I had to laugh at the little b1tches that were videotaping it. Alot of trash talk before the fight about how Braidwood was going to get destroyed by this full time mixed martial arts professional. The punks didn't have alot to say after Braidwood knocked his out :lol: :lol: :lol: .

As for being undersized... they are in the same weight class. If Mr. Black Belt in Karate doesn't want to step into the ring with monsters like Braidwood, perhaps he should cut some more weight, and drop to a lower weight class.

i would kik the shit outta braidwood

That sounds incredibly tough and intimidating coming from someone that is hiding behind a computer screen, and using an anonymous screen name. I'm sure Braidwood is shaking in his boots at the thought of ever having to face you in the ring. Very impressive.

:P :P :P

how in the world do anyone expect a team to win if the offence can only score an average of eight points per game. dumb mistakes on defence perhaps, did it cost the game? Not so! let the defence loose, let them do what you brought them in to do. and tell the offence to get it together.

Adam Braidwood future in MMA interview

This isn't a discussion on Football . This stuff is all Crap!

Anyways.. maybe Braidwood is great in the fighting ring..but he has been disappointing on the football field. The coaches would have been better to draft Andy least they would have a player that is doing something,,Braidwood walks around the field like he is a superstar or something.He needs a reality check to play well next year