Adam Braidwood charged with Assult

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there goes your job with the Eskimos!... Tillman won't want any of that crap.

What do you mean Braidwood will lose his job? More likely he'll be suspended with pay and be allowed to work from home. :wink:

^^ Eh.

I agree with cfl. Let him go. Not like he was performing, anyway.

He shouldn't be convicted by the CFL until he has been convicted in court, though from the description of events, if accurate, it doesn't sound good for him.

On the plus side, its not like he’ll get any real punishment by the legal system or CFL.

Nice one, Blue Blood!!

This seems like such a strange situation for a pro athlete to be involved in. Have an details emerged from this? Was he allegedly debt collecting at the time and, if so, for whom?

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The media reports indicate the alleged incident occurred on Friday Nov 19 and the individual being roughed up was reported to have no shirt. Friday was pretty cold and the only people I know to run around without a shirt in the cold are Rider fans. So maybe Braidwood was roughing up an early Rider fan, in which case I feel Braidwood would be fully justified.

It was either Danny M or riderfan23

You forgot the part where the judge grants an absolute discharge.

oh noes, moar charges!

Braidwood, 26, was arrested Wednesday and charged with assault, uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm and a number of weapons charges, including possession of a loaded prohibited or restricted firearm.
Sounds like he has already started acting like he's in the NFL!

This guy was granted every opportunity to develop into a premier player in this league and has done nothing but screw up those chances. This latest stunt will hopefully put his sorry career with the Eskimos to an end.

it gets better...

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He's charged with assaulting and threatening to kill his girlfriend last week at a home near 118 Avenue and 87 Street. Braidwood was free on bail at the time.
Smart boy. No wonder he's not allowed out on bail again! Anybody chuckling how this isn't being blocked on here by the CFL like Tillman's case was last year? Yay obvious double standard!

because Braidwood wasn't under the influence of prescription meds and what he (tillman) did was really overblown.

That doesn't really counter what Grims said... :lol:

because there is usually a media ban on sexual assult cases, especially when they involve a minor, as opposed to other types of assualt. But the facts of Tillmans case did come out so its not like its a big secret.

The following is completely the opinion of the poster:
I'm guessing that someone in the Rider organization asked the CFL to block the Tillman stuff on here, vs no one in the Edm org has done that for Braidwood. Yet.
Just a guess, but I wouldn't doubt it's true.