Adam Bighill

So Adam Bighill was released by New Orleans today.

Not sure if he's on his way back but if he was he would be arguably the best pick-up of any of the FAs. Definitely a $200,000 player. ...a difference maker.

Timing is very tough for him given that most teams are cash strapped now.

But he's a great player and teammate.

Apparently he still lives in the Vancouver area so I imagine BC is checking their SMS balance.

All that said he'll probably get another NFL shot.

is that anything like a FLU shot??

Almost like the flu shot.

Instead of getting an injection in your arm , you get an injection into your bank account.

Both can make you dizzy though.

Nice thing is that if a team thinks he is a real difference maker then can just "tear-up" a contract or three to make cap room.

Sarcasm ... even if it is true.

I know. But it's still an awkward time. Bighill's salary will effect up to 3 different potential starters that the team has penciled in at this late date. That's 25% of your defense. A lot different than if he was available in January. Unless of course they have some dollars in a sock somewhere.

Teams generally set aside 2 allotments of cap room on varying levels. One is for injury, another is for NFL releases. I would think that this would be a situation a team would be willing to tap into both a little. Beyond that, they already have a minimum of 54k shaking loose because they are releasing someone...that 200k is really actually a +150k touch. 70k from the NFL cuts pool...50k from the injury reserve...someone will be on the 6 at some is manageable.

I think the real question is if he ends up in the CFL if his allegiance flag still has a Lion on it now that Wally is not GM and in theory in his last season. If this was 2017...I would say absolutely. I tend to think it would take a lot to pry him away from BC though as he still spends his offseason in BC.

Here is a recent interview with him. Really solid interview.

Happened top post it in the Bomber forum about a month ago:

.....Speaking of solid LB'ers (not Hurl)....hows Bighill doing down south...Is there a faint hope he'd ever cast a gaze our way if he get's the nine of hearts down south...I know he was in luv with Wally and the leos at one time...Said he'd return to lotus land if he was released BUT water goes under the bridge and things can change...I wish we weren't clutching at straws at this point in time but I get the feeling we'll be doing a lot of that with this regime....
Well, he re-upped with the Saints, but it is still a futures contract so does not hit cap until the start of the season...aka he can be a casualty. I do think they like him though. He didn't see a lot of action last year (his one preseason game was amazing and he clearly won a spot with it), but did get into 3 games...indication they are not looking at him as a PR guy but someone they may legit want to see in there.
A contact down south turned me on to the above roughly half hour interview with Bighill a couple weeks ago. I highly recommend of the better interviews I have seen. He is just relaxed and open and talks the game from the heart. You can tell the interviewers are aware of the CFL and have watched it but don't have a pile of knowledge on...they don't pretend to but you can tell they still respect it. Because Bighill has so much love for the CFL and they are really open to mixing CFL and NFL talk it makes for a fantastic conversation. I highly recommend it...I left with even more respect for Bighill than I already had.

Hard to believe Lions passed due to fiances. As per Eddie H.

Adam Bighill:

People want to know how I came to be a Winnipeg Blue Bomber. Good question. It all came together extremely fast and there are a few reasons I’m heading there, with timing and the salary-cap constraints being two of the biggest. But before we get to all that, I’d like to start with how Coach O’Shea and I built a relationship based on mutual respect. Back in my rookie year in 2011, I was playing on special teams in B.C. and after a game, he came up to me, shook my hand and told me he had watched me on film throughout the season. And then he said, ‘I really respect how you play the game. I think you’re a great football player.’ I was just a rookie trying to show I could dominate and start my own legacy in the CFL and here’s a guy from the opposing team that comes up and tells me that. Our relationship started right then and there. As my career progressed over the course of my years in BC, every time we played each other we always made time to say hello. Just the other night, I spoke to him for a good 35 minutes on the phone. We had a great conversation catching up, and you could still feel the level of respect we have for each other – even though we haven’t spoken in over a year.

That respect was there from Day 1, and it made it an easy decision for me to want to play for a guy like Mike O’Shea because we’ve understood each other for a long time now. It’s kind of a unique story of how that started. He’s a straight-up guy.

More here:

....O'Shea as a player was a hard-nosed demon on defence AND an All Star ...Bighill is made from the same stuff so you can see why their relationship is so solid.. ..I'm predicting BIG things for Adam in bluengold this year...The spot on the Bomber D he is filling has just been improved by a 110 percent.

Right on, Papa !