Adam Bighill to sign with Bombers

.....Just about a done deal according to reports....Bombers are going to be a very good D IF this transpires...Bighill would fill a big need in the that haunted the Bombers all of last season :)...

Would have been nice to see him back with Wally in BC, but it's still good to have him back in CFL regardless. One of the best LB's in football.

Would be a very solid addition to the Bomber D no question.

....Now official...Adam just signed a 1 year deal with the BigBlue.........../Bighill....BigBlue..../I like the sound of that ;D

Nice signing. This will have a huge impact for the Bombers.

....Yessireee....Might be at the expense of a very good player on the Bomber D however, but when you can get better in this have to go for it

Papa, I think this is a major move for your guys. I thought losing Bond and Heath were major negatives for your team, but this signing is a major plus, shoring up what was a major weak spot on the squad last year.

.....One heckuva signing for sure MadJack....AND nice to see you back...Everyone in the league knew where to hit us last right up the middle....Now ... the door has closed...Bighill is a monster in the middle and his pursuit game sideline to sideline is very strong...The whole defence just received a major lift

Well...they came close on I don't imagine this will be a huge hurdle.

I know who I would cut if needed.

This is not going over too well with many of the BC faithful as he was a popular player here.

Just can’t see how the Bombers can sign Bighill without releasing someone of consequence. Think about it. Matt Nichols, Andrew Harris, Adarius Bowman, Stanley Bryant, Mo Leggett, Weston Dressler, FA signing Chandler Fenner. This is like an all-star team. I believe even Justin Medlock cost them 6 figures. These players must be eating up $2M in salary. Don’t forget too that good National Olinemen like Chungh and Goosen couldn’t come cheaply either.
John Hodge?
2m2 minutes ago
Adam Bighill's one-year contract with the #Bombers is worth $175,000, per source. Reasonable price for one of the #CFL's best defensive players. #CFL

Bargain, IMO.