AD sets single game rushing record

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Minutes after Adrian Peterson lost a fourth-quarter fumble at the San Diego 20-yard line, the ball was back in his hands.

He rumbled around right end, paused to set up his blocks, and sprinted 46 yards up the sideline for Minnesota's game-clinching touchdown.

This rookie doesn't make many mistakes. He simply sets a lot of records.

Racing to the NFL's single-game rushing record of 296 yards at the midpoint of his first pro season, Peterson carried the Vikings to a 35-17 victory over the Chargers on Sunday.

He didn't realize the significance of his performance until his benign three-yard carry took the clock under 60 seconds and sent him past Jamal Lewis' 295-yard performance against Cleveland in 2003 for the best game a running back has ever had in this league.

"Oh, no. I was out playing ball," Peterson said. "I wasn't thinking about the record at all."

There are more for him to ponder.

-- On 30 carries, Peterson topped 200 yards rushing for the second time in one season, a feat no other rookie has accomplished.

-- Peterson scored two of his three touchdowns and gained 253 yards in the second half, helping the Vikings rally from a 14-7 deficit. They trailed at the half after Antonio Cromartie plucked a missed field goal out of the air and returned it 109 yards for a touchdown, the longest play in NFL history.

-- Peterson reached 1,036 yards rushing this season, a pace that would smash Eric Dickerson's rookie record of 1,808 yards set in 1983. Dickerson's all-time record of 2,105 yards in 1984 is also in reach.

"I set my bar high, because I know anything is possible when you continue to work hard," Peterson said.

Big congrats to the guy, especially considering he is only a rookie. What an amazing performance he put on against a good chargers defence and I wouldn't be surprised to see him take a shot at the single season record if he keeps this pace up.

When you add in the fact that the Vikings passing game is horrible and everyone knows he is getting the ball it makes it even more impressive.

I know that Adrian Peterson set the Single game record all over the Chargers. But who may I ask is AD? As the title of this forum suggests.

AD is Adrian Peterson's nickname Thryllin. When he was younger and on the football field he would never stop running so they called him "All Day" Peterson which is why he is now known as "AD".

Don't forget about Antonio Cromartie! Dude is sick! Huge return in that game....

....And he picked off Peyton freakin Manning 3 times last night....

Awesome. I had no idea. Although I have heard the NFL Network guys call him "all day" I also heard them call him "All Purpose"

Peterson is good, but I don't understand how people are comparing him to Barry Sanders...