Actual suggestions on how to improve CFL attendance/ratings

Restating it...yes, ratings for the SB are higher than for the GC...but that's just one game, and at least partially the result of the casual fan reacting to the ridiculous hype and the networks not scheduling anything worth watching opposite the SB. CFL consistently outdraws the NFL during the time year when both are playing, even when they go head to head. But the BBM's figures indicate that the SB's audience has flattened while the GC's is still growing.

How do you draw NFL fans back? I'm not sure you do. I think it might be more productive to try and attract a new generation of fans; the CFL seems to have lost much of a generation, particularly those in southern Ontario but it doesn't seem to be a problem elsewhere. You're never going to attract the casual fans who are bettors since there's only four games a week opposed to the NFL's sixteen. But the weekly television numbers show that people are watching.

That's exactly what I was suggesting.

Good numbers but I feel sorry for every one of them. They should be going to Argos games...

That tells me that there are 4.3 million CFL fans and 2.9 million NFL fans

The CFL should be scheduling games at the same time almost every week to improve viewership. Obviously it can't be done every week, but if casual fans knew that there was a game on at 8pm ET every Friday, it would make for easier watching. Friday Night Football is popular because there is a game on every Friday of the 19-week schedule. Saturday would make a lot of sense because people generally don't have to work during the day. Sunday is similarly easy.

Have every week (besides Labour Day and Thanksgiving) follow this kind of format:
Friday Night Football: 8pm ET (except for double headers with BC, then it's 7pm and 10pm)
Saturday Night Football: 7pm ET (switch to 4pm ET in October as to not conflict with Hockey Night in Canada)
Sunday Football: 3pm ET
One floater game each week (Thursday, FNF doubleheader, Saturday afternoon, random Rogers Centre game, etc)

For Labour Day and Thanksgiving there would be no Saturday game and for the last week of the regular season, there would be no Sunday game. If fans get these times drilled into their heads, they would be less prone to accidentally miss games on TV. NFL has a very rigid schedule and NHL has Hockey Night in Canada. The CFL needs something set up like this.

I don't know why people worry so much about GC vs Super Bowl ratings, it means nothing in the overall average season TV ratings. It's not like there are 7 million Canadian viewers tuning in to watch the NFL regular season. Its a special event that everyone wants to see. In fact 18 m tuned into part of the SB, but 8m watched the entire game.

Next summer the World Cup will be played and it will rival the Super Bowl as the most watched sporting event in Canada, it doesn't mean that millions of Canadians will now start watching MLS football.
One of the highest rated sporting events in 012 was the final day on the track at the Olympics, 6 million tuned into watch Bolt in the 100m and Farrah in the 5k - but how many Canadians tuned into watch the Canadian track and field Championships? How many Canadians will watch track this year? but they will tune into watch an international final with no Canadians involved. The womens Canada vs USA Olympic soccer last year was watched by more Canadians than the GC or Stanly Cup but where are the regular vieweres?

Super Bowl does not go up against any sporting event when it is on. Meanwhile, when the Grey Cup is on there are NFL games, NHL games and NBA games going on. Also Networks in the US (also shown in Canada) have new episodes of shows on when the GC is on, while when the SB is on, they show repeats. That tells me the Grey Cup goes up against a helluva lot more competition for viewership eyes then the Super Bowl that has no competition when it is on. If all things were equal the Grey Cup would far outdistance the SB in TV ratings.

The entertainment dollar is NOT a lame excuse. It's true. Staying at home to watch the game is essentially free. Look at other heavily populated cities in the U.S.A such as LA, New York and Miami. LA has the highest population in North America. Yet, the Dodgers and Kings are some of the worst teams in terms of attendance in their respective leagues. LA used to have 2 NFL teams. Now they don't have any. There is a ton of other entertainment dollar competition in that city. Same with the Islanders in New York and the Marlins in Miami. Toronto isn't the only highly populated city with that problem.

The Riders have great attendance..........what else is there to do in Regina???......

More lame excuses. Nothing else to do in Regina :roll: You can stay home and watch the Leafs for free, yet the ACC is still full. In a nutshell you're defending people who will watch the game as long as it's free and they don't have to go anywhere... My hat is off to the Argo faithful that do attend games. If you're a fan, you go to games,period. Enough excuses.

Actually 15 million was the max on the Super Bowl ratings which was the same as the Grey Cup. The Super Bowl had slightly higher and it was about 5.8 million on a cable network for the Grey Cup while the extra million is easily made up by people that don't have TSN and have nothing to do months after the CFL season is over as neither one goes head to head.

Many times in the last 10 years (actually most of the last decade) the Grey Cup gets higher ratings than the Super Bowl in Canada in most of the last decade.

The Regular season numbers are always higher than the NFL by at least double to triple the ratings. The highest NFL regular season game ratings I've seen on average are around 300-350,000 at the most while CFL games are 800,000-1 million on average.

Again not much you're going to improve on there when you're already doubling up on the NFL especially during a time of year they're both on TV. That tells me the CFL is more popular by far as when they are head to head the CFL doubles up on the NFL and then a lot of football fans still want to watch football after the CFL season is over.

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There's real discrepancy on the numbers.

For one the Grey Cup used to out do the Super Bowl every year in ratings in the 2000's when CFL was on CBC and Super Bowl was on City or TSN.

When that got reversed the Super Bowls numbers have had real discrepencies. I have seen other ratings report that the Super Bowl was 6.45 Million making it slightly ahead of the Grey Cup in a time of year with no CFL on. While the Grey Cup manages 6 million viewers in direct competition with NFL regular season, and NHL regular season as well on.

I'm still tryin to find the articles which have all disappeared or i'm not looking in the right place but I remember I used to get my numbers from the Sun or the Province in Vancouver and I distinctly remember reading the ratings for those games and the Grey Cup has beaten the Super Bowl most of the time since 2000 or 2002 or so.

I highly doubt if the Super Bowl and Grey Cup were on the same day that more Canadians would turn into the Super Bowl even if it was CTV. The things is do you think the CTV Network is every going to want their TSN network to ever surpass them in the ratings? I think the CTV will do anything to promote the NFL now and would push it over CFL in a heartbeat and I think that's no good for something the government just declared a historic game.

We all know tho that CFL regular season numbers are the best in Canada and by far beats out the NFL's most popular regular season games throughout the year proving the CFL is the main focus of Canadians. I think you'll find the extra boost in NFL ratings is for their halftime shows from a non-sportsfan demographic watching the game. The Grey Cup is mostly CFL fans across Canada. The NFL Super Bowl gets that MTV demographic where all the fans that keep those lame artists around on techno beat channels tune in because that's all their MTV Cribs world is engrained in. Its not even about the football game and most people at those Super Bowl parties aren't even watching the game they're eating chips and dip and talking to each other because the product on the field is so boring, its all just in the name. The Grey Cup can sometimes have this stigma cuz its Canadian but look at how excited the people are watching the Grey Cup vs the Super Bowl and you'll see a huge difference.

I also notice the Bars in Vancouver must have some kind of deal with the NFL or something as most of the bars offer some kind of NFL events right through days even the Grey Cup is on where guys and buddies of mine go and bet legally on NFL football results throughout i'd say most of the bars in the city. My friends will actually laugh at the CFL not because of talent, not because of the product of the field, but because you can't make as much money betting on it. And like it or not that has a huge effect on the game as well just because a lot of people go to bars and drink beer (kind of a Canadian thing?) but they all go to watch or bet on NFL football as I bet you the Grey Cup doesn't even air in most of these bars over a CFL game. That is because the Bars are trying to make money off their betting and its a joke.

Well your friends, should figure what, that if you really watch the CFL and pay Attention to the CFL, it is by far the best league to bet on. My betting average on CFL games is close to 67%, well my NFL average is below 50%

side note on Super Bowl-how many non football fans tune in or watch at bars for the comercials? I have seen many bars advertise "with American comercials". I get the impression even non sports fans will watch for comercials.