Actual Attendance for CFL in 2012?

I went to an Esks game last year against the Lions and had a decent time. There was thousands of Lions fans at the game and I had a good time getting drunk in the standing room section with alot of them. I hadn't been to Commonwealth for a long time, so I toured the whole stadium. You could see the yellow and green of the seats shining through in almost all sections and I figured that the stadium was at about 40-45% capacity. Yet the next day I open the paper and it says the attandance was 34K.... I realize ttheir was 34K tickets distributed , many for free and many as corporate substitutes for sponsoring the team. My question is how many actual living breathing people attend CFL games... My guess is that the true number is under 25K .( Teams like Toronto have a hard time getting 15000 living breathing people into their games.) Teams like Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, and Montreal probably only inflate ttheir numbers a few hundred. Here are my guesses...
Wpg, sask,... close to what is advertized.
Montreal.... alot closer to the 20202 they used to get before they wasted taxpayers money then to the 22500 they are claiming now.
BC....Under 30K....maybe as low as 25
Calgary... thank god for Labour Day and the Riders, the Stamps probablly average close to 25K.
Edmonton... In a rare moment of honesty, they actually reported an attendance last year of barely over 20K.... The Esks probablly average just north of 25K....but the Riders game pushes them up around 28.
Toronto... 15K last year...a marked improvement from 10K in 2011. I was at the tomb for the Rider game in 2011 and even with the whole stadium being green, there could not of been more then 15K.
Hamilton.... thanks to labour day.. they might draw 20K

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I believe the numbers to be fairly accurate, Toronto aside.
Sold tickets with empty seats are counters, and there are generally a couple K of those per stadium.

I go to a few Esks games a year and would say I have never really seen it at under 55-60% full, which falls inline with their statement of statement of ~35k average. It can be tough to judge attendance in a 60K seat stadium when there are that many vacancies.

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Edmonton has repeatedly inflated their #'s. there have been games where you could tell it was well under 30,000 people yet they claim they had over 30,000... ya right.

that last game of the year must have been awful difficult to swallow. and they didn't even announce the attendance at the game.

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