Active Roster

I was just checking out the roster and with all of the injuries and such, was wondering help with some of you fellow fans maybe someone help me think of what a full 46-53 non healthy team might look like?

I could be wrong but this is what my 53 player roster would look like.. if i made any mistakes as to who should be on and who shouldn't please let me know.

3 QB - Collaros, LeFavour (1 of Masoli/McGee is cut)
2 RB - Gable, Madu/Lamar
2 FB - Prime, Dell
10 Recievers (WR & SB Combinded) - Grant, Ellingson, Giguere, Fantuz, Koch, Coates, Branks, Tasker, 2 extra spots
2 LT - Olson, Myddelton
2 LG - O'Neill - Rice
2 C - Dyakowski, Filer
2 RG - Simmons (Dile, Wojt, Reinders, Figureroa, Alford) battle for the RG and RT spot
2 RT - Lewis
3 LE - Atkinson, Thurmand, Scott
3 RE - Norwood, Coleman, Gascon-Nadon
4 DT - Bulcke, Hall, Laurent, moore
3 LOLB - Lawrence, Beswick (1 extra LB spot)
2 MLB - Reed, Landry
3 ROLB - Caldwell, Bowman, Murray
4 DB - Stewart, Breaux, Davis, (1 of Stephen/Mutobola)
2 S - Butler, Daly
K/P - Medlock

This was made up of depth cart and looking at the roster..

Steve Myddelton is a guard, not a tackle. He was terrible when he tried to play at left guard this season and he certainly is not a left tackle.
Also, I don't remember Peter Dyakowski being used at centre. He is former all star at guard.

A healthy Dyakowski (guard, not centre) lets you go back to playing Canadians at centre and both guard spots, and frees up an extra International spot at either receiver, DB, or DT.

my appologizes.. i was guessing at the injured players and the ones who are heathly i basically used the depth chart from the game the other night.