Active players destined for Hall of Fame

Current CFL players who are likely to be named to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame - based on actual performance to-date, if they retired tomorrow.

Guaranteed / Bet the Farm

  • Andrew Harris
  • Adam Bighill
  • Stanley Bryant
  • Bo Levi Mitchell


  • Zach Collaros (could use a few thousand more passing yards)
  • Brandon Banks
  • Charleston Hughes
  • Chris Van Zeyl
  • Willie Jefferson (only 54 career sacks, surprisingly - but 4X CFL all-star)


  • Simoni Lawrence (not universally loved)
  • Greg Ellingson (no individual awards)
  • Manny Arcenaux (no individual awards)
  • Delvin Breaux (could use more years in the league)
  • Henoc Muamba
  • Rene Paredes (not always easy for kickers)
  • Almondo Sewell (no individual awards, but 6X CFL all-star)
  • Ted Laurent?



The knock against Andrew Harris is his suspension for PED use.
That should disqualify him from such honours.


Joe Zuger :crying_cat_face:
Is being alive still active??


I would say none of the maybes. They arent groundbreaking enough as a whole. MAYBE Paredes.

Id say for sure Harris and Bryant. I think Van Zeyl could get in. Other active players to consider: Mike Miller in Winnipeg. Guy is the gold standard for special teams play. Honestly, maybe Burnham in BC.


We should start a thread about Zuger. :smile:



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It will be a footnote at best. I can't imagine them shunning him.


Just my opinion but here are a few others not mentioned who might garnish consideration in the future...

Nathan Roarke - qb ..............BC
Bryan Burnam - wr.................BC
Shawn Lemon - de................Calg
Dan Clark - ol.........................Sask
Jemarcus Hardimon - ot .....Winnipeg
Jackson Jeffcoat - de............Winnipeg
Tunde Adeleke - s................Hamilton
Brandon Revenberg - ot ...Hamilton
Lewis Ward -fgk...................Ottawa


I was going to mention Jeffcoat if no one else did.

Justin Medlock is still active as a free agent according to Wiki:

Charleston Hughes is for sure a guaranteed/bet the farm candidate. Led the league in sacks five out of six years from 2013-2019 and is near Joe Montford in all-time sacks.


Simoni Lawrence 100 percent first ballot shoe in

That reminds me has anyone mentioned Garrett Marino yet in this HOF conversation ? :crazy_face:


The problem is the CFL seems to have completly ignored that he tested positive. They continue to promote him as a poster boy for Canadian RBs. It boggles my mind.

How long was he using before being caught. Since that time, he's had mysterious absences from time to time. How often has he been tested?

He should never get into the HOF, but he will.

Ed Gainey
Antoine Pruneau
Sean Whyte
Adam Konar
Nic Demski

Interesting. I count a combined four all-star selections for those five players (two of which are Gainey’s). Unless Wikipedia is letting me down.

When you look at Whyte's record you wonder why he hasn't been a perennial all star but most likely that's because of Predes - he has been one of the most consistent place kickers and consistent pressure place kickers since that other guy in BC, just nobody notices him with all the noise about Peredes.

Demski just has no quit in him. He's been a big play guy always. It's a lot harder to stand out in Winnipeg but he's such a clutch play guy, and will continue to be.

Pruneau - when he doesn't have to make up for not so good play around him hes really good, even making up for poor play hes really good, and great on teams as well.

Konar - got on the field because of an injury and they just could never find better to take him off. He's solid and consistent and he doesn't make mistakes......

....and none of them are done yet....

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Medlock retired, his choice. If wanted to still play lots of teams are drooling for him

I might throw lucky whitehead, Darvin Adams, Brandon banks, and Lawler in there as a maybe
Edit; guaranteed Mike Miller will be HOF

Oh. Wiki's full of it then.

Okay... my next choice for current CFL player destined for the Hall of Fame would be rookie rush end Mack III. That's the fastest sounding name for a lineman I've ever heard. It's gotta be some kind of record.


...and then he hits you like a Mack truck.

How many times would Rod Black use these puns every game? :smile:

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