Activating an API Key

I have tried unsuccessfully to establish a working CFL API Key. I have sent email to over a month ago, but have received no response. I get the API Key from the API Key Request form, but it just says it is in the REQUESTED state and I never hear anything more. Testing the key returns the following error:

id: 2
code: 403
detail: Invalid or incorrect key parameter provided.

Does anyone know if the API is still active and if it's still possible to get a working Key?

I haven't tried to get one so I dunno. But...

Since this is a question that's been put to the entire forum twice now I've become curious. YOU WANNA BUILD A CFL FORUM RELATED APP?! (This would be good). :grinning: :+1:

Nothing seems to be easy when it comes to getting anything CFL related done. Not enough bodies working on any given day it seems.

If you want someone to help you with this query then the least you can do is let us all in on the plan Sam.

Have you emailed any of the mods?

Mod Edit:
There's nothing the mods can do about it, but you could try getting the attention of our admin, @MattL91

The API allows you to access all CFL stats programmatically by making HTTP requests to the API endpoints provided in the documentation. It exists specifically for this purpose and there is a documented procedure to request a "KEY" for access. The website generates the key and moves your request to a pending status. That all works, but it seems the approval of the requests are not being seen by anyone, or else they are being ignored. Maybe the API is no longer supported, which would be a shame.

You are not permitted to use the data for commercial purposes or to compete with CFL official apps, but you can make use of the data to build your own application. I don't believe that there are any endpoints in the documentation that are related specifically to the CFL forum.

I am new to the forum, so will have to figure out how to raise my question with the admins. Thanks for the suggestion.

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You're welcome.

Maybe get Matt's attention with a bottle of rye. :grin:

Just to close this discussion out, I finally received my API Key from the CFL!

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@rskura I know this is an old post, but who did you contact to get the key activated?

@MattL91 not sure if your the right person to contact, but hopeing you might be able to point me in the right direction to get my api key activated.


Eventually I just got it without talking to anyone in an official capacity. It might take longer in the off-season as well. I wish there was a more straightforward answer, but I'm afraid it seems to be a very mysterious process.

It's too bad, because it's a really good API.

Good luck!

Just as an update for anyone else looking.
A couple weeks after posting I got access to the API. Not sure if posting triggered anything. It took me about 8 months.

Well worth the wait, cant wait for the season to start and see how fast it live updates.

I am curious what other projects people are using the API for?