Action Point

I have told you all this before, but I don't like they way that there is a kick covent after a TD in the CFL becase it just looks too easy to me. I'm also don't like it after a Bomber player messed up a kick convent attempt during the Montreal/Winnipeg game a few weeks ago.

However, I was reading something the other day abou this cool rule that was done in the defunct WFL (which is the league that got the NFL to move the goal post back and also chage both the CFL and NFL in other ways, like the Hash Marks) Called an Action Point.

What it is that instead of geiing 6 points on a TD, then kicking for a point for a total of 7 or trying for another TD of 2 points to get a total of 8, the Action Point works like this. A TD is worth 7 points, they are no 1 point covent kicks and the team that scores tries for another TD worth 1 point (hence the term "Action Point") for a total of 8 points.

I'm not sure if teams could chose to run a Action Point after a TD or they allways did it after a TD, in which case I like the latter better case it would increase scores a little (if a teams fails, they still get 7 and I'd blame them less than I would a convent kick) and I'm not sure who came up with it (it could be a Canadain, I just don't know), but I like the idea and I think it should at least be tried in an Exhibution game.

What do you guys think?

Leave it like it is?
There will always be a little stragity if you have a single or double point convert. Go for the TIE or go for the WIN or go for the AP

no, emphatically no. that removes a hole part of the game, and quite frankly is stupid

.......what if you were able to 'save up' your actions points......sort of like a rain check.....and then use them in a future game? eh? EH? wouldn't that be absolutely confusing?......

Score 3 action points get one free
Remember a few years back when with no time on the clock Wally went for2 and the win and not 1 and the tie and lost the game.

That would not happen with an action point

I like you man, but I have no idea where you got that.

I'd like it if after a 7 point TD, they go of the point all the time. and it would be coll in a clsoe game cuz if you make it, you tie or win, if you don't, you tie or lose.

sometimes i am not sure if you have a sense of humour at all kanga. but keep posting, i always get a chuckle

This isn't the XFL. Come on man. Action Point? Sounds like some kind of video game term.

RedandWhite, I think you are a genius. Action Points should be able to be saved, especially since the Scotiabank is now a CFL partner. It could pay interest on the points you saved. For example, you could bank three points at the beginning of the season, and withdraw 3,0241 point in the playoffs. Just like in real life!

Hey, you should also be able to borrow points... kinda like credit. You'd have to repay the points plus the interest. Could you see the bank calling Jim Daley? "Hi Mr. Daly... You've owed us a couple of action points for quite some times. With the interest, you now need to repay a TD and a field goal."


On an unrelated note, there's something they do in a senior football league in Quebec:

After a TD (worth 6), you don't kick. You need to make a convert by running or passing. But you decide where you do it from. Succeding from the 5 yard line gives you one. From the 10, gives you two.

.....if you had the Action Point thing, it would have to be scored by the Action Man......sort of a Special Ops Special Team guy.....and he'd wear a cape........see, 3/10, I'm getting a cape somewhere in this league!........


Then, you'll be happy to know Tom Wright is working on implementing a salary cape...

"On an unrelated note, there's something they do in a senior football league in Quebec:

After a TD (worth 6), you don't kick. You need to make a convert by running or passing. But you decide where you do it from. Succeding from the 5 yard line gives you one. From the 10, gives you two."

Well, at least a Candian football league does an Action point of a sort.

I'd just like to see it tried in the CFL, maybe the new CFL game can have that opsion, like the no thoch icing rule for the NHL in NHL 2004.

No......Don't change...... The goal posts are there for a reason so why not use them? And what ur forgetting about a missed convert is that the other team has a chance to get it out of the endzone to avoid giving up a point (remember the CFL forces you to work for everything you get) The action point WAS developed by the WFL, but it was because the kickers they had really weren't that good and more converts were missed then made.

Maybe it could be just a one on one battle with ACTION MAN VS REACTION MAN!! With the loser being jeered and having to reveal his true identity.

The Stampeders could then implement Copeland to be ACTION MAN just so he could now celebrate with a cape.

Use the goal post for the Field goal and the Singles for a FG, Kickoff, etc.

I don't think you can rutern a missed kick convert, can you???

I'm just gald that I worte this post, and now that I worte it and said what I think would be better, it's dead. the way the CFL does it now is ok, but I think the Action point would be better.

And to clarify, the WFL did influence some rules in regards to the NFL, but they had no influence on the CFL. The 5 yard zone for punts and kickoffs was developed by the CFL long before the WFL.

As well as players in motion moving toward the line of scrimmage before the snap

And in regards to their overtime system. The WFL abandoned theirs and adopted the NFL's

Ture, but the WFL did influence the Hash marks.

Can't find that on the WFL rule site i'm on so i can't say.