AC's website opened for business...

Well that's not ideal timing...

It is, actually. It is the writing on the wall.

Could it be any more obvious that AC faked the injury? This is ridiculous-- I am too hurt to go back into the game, but I am available this week for speaking engagements?

This is a joke---

Ac will be a great speaker- He can focus on 2 areas-- Teach people to be EGOTISTICAL selfish ME FIRST people--

He could also be a GURU for the ENTITLED generation- he can teach them to get what they want and screw everyone else.

Anyone care to comment on teh timing of this, and can anyone tell me it was a legit injury now? I mean AC use your brain buddy, Wait 3 months to start your business- It makes the CFL look completely bush league

I'm guessing the site was set up before the injury. AC is being tested as we speak. We'll find out the extent but I doubt he was 'faking it' as you so bluntly put it.

Obviously not knowing you, I am really curious about what is behind this. Are you doing this to be a spit disturber, or do you really believe A.C. is faking it, in which case you would be clinically delusional.

....Faking it or not...the guy has to look to the future....Has he got any coaching ambitions???...If not, it sounds sensible to me that he's preparing for life after the CFL :roll:

Gridiron Guru is so full of shit, it's almost nauseating. I would say ignore him, but that's hard to do when someone makes absolutely idiotic and completely fallacious statements the way he does.

Guru, I will just keep ripping you a new one every time you bring up this BS. :roll:

Keep in mind longtime supporter HFX is on record saying calvillo faked it too.


Don't speak for me. I never said he that. I wrote he chose not to come back in the game. Its a choice its his to make but its a choice.

You are an unaccountable fella. Disappointing.
One of those guys. Kinda knew it after numerous instances. But now point taken. No point in further dialogue..

Here I'll post it again for you

I can see him coming out of the game and catching himself but he chose not to go back into the game when he clearly was not in any pain in the second half

Yup, obviously he went down then started making arrangements. :roll:

Just because you might have such ethics, I have nothing but confidence that the man who stopped playing to be beside his ill wife, as well as played through a thyroid cancer scare would not stoop to such levels that immediately come to your mind.

And this is what I've been talking about all these years...

You're a fine fellow when you agree that Anthony Calvillo is God's gift to the CFL
But if you DARE have an opinion on the man that doesn't conform to some folks "googy-dreams"
You're accused of being;
delusional (clinically no less), nauseating, idiotic, full of "God only knows what", a candidate to have "another one ripped" (ouch), being a "s*it disturber, someone who deserves to be ignored, making fallacious statements etc etc.

Of course if you complain about such're called a liar...too sensitive guy...
When I know for a fact that this bullying is the direct cause of the uni-dimensional appearance of AC-solidarity on this forum for the last few years

Hopefully as things continue to take their natural course
AC and the vexed question of his selfishness etc will take an increased "back-seat"
And we can all move forward
Focus on common interest:
The fate of this team

Despite appearances on this forum
Calvillo has been a divisive force
And i can count the "I hate Calvillo" statements I've heard
("Calvillo...I hate that guy" -PM from last night...I'd only mentioned I was watching the game)
As being almost equal to their opposites

I certainly welcome the end of ALL that
And hope the team survives the process...
And those who emulate the selfishness, peevishness, footstompin "madishness" and egomania
Of their darling "nearly departed" AC

Oh...and I almost forgot
for my many fans
Adrian McPherson

Calvillo stated recently
Coaching is 5th on his retirement
"To do" list

Last quote attributed to GG
Was by "slant"
Too late to correct
My bad

The next big discussion on this board regarding AC is do they put him on the nine game injured list. The SMS being a reality I suspect this decision will have to come soon. there is nine game left in the season. Doing it this week allows him to return for the post season (if he can/wants to) and be available to the team.

Again tonight the kid managed to put up over 300 yards and escape and make plays out of the pocket multiple times, the fans are enjoying it and the Oline is now plug and play and dishing it out instead of being hitting boards for the opposition. I don't remember the last time an Als team owned Jones defense like this.

it is backdateable.

Take away AC's salary and there might be fears of going under the lower threshold. They need to sign a guy or 2 first. With a couple big OLmen potentially looking for work off of NFL rosters...some seemingly cup purely to avoid pention, things could turn out rather well for Popp.

Owned? The offense posted 13 points. That's not being owned, despite the 300+ passing yards. Lots of work still to be done...

For the record, the last time we owned a Jones defense was the 2009 season, during which we pretty much had our way with Calgary.

There is no danger of being under the limit. The money can be used to pay for extensions or towards next years salaries for the players who are interested, usually the lower income guys doing this would make us more competitive come free agency retaining guys. Definitely MIke Edem is a guy the Als will consider extending. Like you say Jim will have some flexibility come December.