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Hard work and disciplined life style, training and a caring wife.

Glad to hear the shoulder's okay and he's feeling in good shape. Absolutely crucial for Anthony to get off to a good start this season with all the new coaches. He'll certainly have the offensive weapons to be successful. Now it's just a question of how effectively Hawkins and Miller (and Berry, I suppose) can modify the existing playbook, and how quickly they can adjust in-game.

Je crois que la clé sera effectivement la capacité d’adaptation.

Les jeux, Hawkins et Miller vont d’abord piger dans les 160 quelques jeux que Calvillo peut réaliser. Hawkins a déjà dit qu’il n’entend pas refaire le livre de jeux de A à Z parce qu’il est plus simple que deux gars s’adptent (Miller et lui) plutôt que toute une équipe.

Definitely, they won't reinvent the wheel, but what they do modify will be important. No matter how good a playbook is, you can't just use it without changing anything from one season to the next, especially not today with video technology and the ability to break down film in detail. I don't expect a revamped playbook, but I do expect to see some differences that (hopefully) take advantage of the personnel we have on the field, particularly the receivers. We've got three big horses (Richardson, Green, London) and a significant upgrade on Bratton at the wide-side WR spot (Bruce), to say nothing of Jennings and Devine in the backfield and our entire O-line intact from last season. We should be able to get the matchups we want most of the time.

What I'm hoping Hawkins will bring: the killer instinct that Trestman had so much trouble with, the ability to step on a team's throat in the second half of a game we're winning and grind that team into dust.

What I'm hoping Hawkins will learn: how to keep his emotions in check as the head coach of a pro football team filled with grown men, not boys who will respond over the long term to tirades and screaming.

I think there is risk no matter how you do it. IMO there is as much risk going with a Frankenstein playbook as there is with a new one. What will decide the faith of the team is defense and special teams...

Indeed. To me, the goals should be: good defense that can occasionally gust up to great, and competent special teams that can occasionally gust up to good. Anything else in year one of the post-Trestman era is gravy IMO...

combined with the fact that ex coaches who have familiarity with the playbook who have moved on to other organizations... Milanovich for example.

Je pense que le choix des jeux sera là où la différence entre l’ère Hawkins et l’ère Trestman se manifestera le plus.

Ces choix seront ceux de Hawkins et de Miller, sauf les (nombreux) cas où Calvillo décidera de changer le jeu suivant les défensives qu’il verra devant lui. Ces gars-là vont tout de même avoir un ange gardien en Berry et de savoir que Berry peut contribuer à une offensive qui comprend les outils qu’il y a chez les Alouettes est plutôt rassurant.

À prime abord, on peut envisager la saison 2013 avec un relatif optimisme. L’équipe a de bons joueurs à toutes les positions et une équipe complète d’entraîneurs, venant de tous les horizons du football. Reste à voir comment ils vont faire fonctionner tout ça, mais les ingrédients sont là.

Je crois que cet apport de sang neuf sera aussi bénéfique pour les joueurs. Ça va enlever un peu de la rouille de fonctionner dans le même système depuis si longtemps, offensivement s’entend.