AC's alma mater and the CFL fails...

I posted this on the CFL forum, but I wanted you guys to see it to.

I can't beleive it! I visited the Utah State Aggies website, and there is no mention of one of their Alumni passing the 50000 yard passing mark in the CFL, or pro football!

Hello Utah State, one of your Alumni has reached a great milestone! Why no mention on your website?

I think Utah State is to blame, in part. My question is, did the CFL think of informing Utah State that one of theirs accomplished a great thing? If not, then the CFL marketing department needs a lesson!

This is a great way to promote the CFL! Yet, AC's alma mater does not even mention his accomplishment! Shame on Utah State, and shame on the CFL for not pushing Utah State to at least mention the great feat.

I am sure that even AC feels a little down that his own school has failed to recognise him.

Boos all around...

Hopefully it is only a matter of time before they was only a few days ago

Let's hope they recognize it soon ... a terrible shame if they don't, and total disrespect to Calvillo.

Here is their website:

I looked really hard (even in the football section) and could not find any news... Sad.

Here ya go!

[url=] ... 07aaa.html[/url]

Right on! It is a pretty good article as well.