Is there a special code when talking about football using acronyms?..eg…IMO has over 37 meanings…which one do we use?..just curious.

If someone says IMO when talking about football, they are most likely referring to the International Maritime Organization.

IMO "IMO" isn't an acronym....but that's another discussion....

Not about football but about any subject using on-line discussions:

Here's a good list:


You got me thinking so I decided to check the internet...it says it's an acronym with , at the present 37 recognized meanings ...they must be wrong I guess.

Maybe....depends who you ask!

[url=http://data.grammarbook.com/blog/abbreviations/abbreviations-acronyms-and-initialisms-revisited/]http://data.grammarbook.com/blog/abbrev ... revisited/[/url]

Acronyms used to refer only to initialisms which formed words, such as SCUBA, MASH...NATO....now, it seems all abbreviations are referred to as acronyms, maybe because abbreviation is such a long word (George Carlin quote, I think...)

I’m kind of partial to FUBAR and SNAFU

Glad to hear Tommyboy mention George Carlin. One of my all time favourites( ATFs). You gotta admire someone who could cause another human being to pass an entire cheese sandwich through his nose. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old Carlin fan)

I'm partial to BOHICA"...