Must admit, I was wondering about Acree being on the 9 game list, was he or was he not a paper cut.

Turns out that about a week after arriving and passing a physical, his foot problem returned. He has in fact been sent down to the States to see a specialist. So it seems he is a legit 9 gamer.

Geez, is there something wrong with the water in Regina? I can't recall ever a team being hit with so many injuries in one season...and I've been a rabid CFL follower since the late 50s.

It could be MadJack as the water supply for both Regina and Moose Jaw come from the same source--Buffalo P-iss(Pound) Lake, the absolute worst water source for any major city.

I understand that the injury is one the he has been dealing with from prior to becoming a Rider.

If I was Eric, I would be demanding something back from Toronto.....Unless he traded knowing he wasn't 100% complete.

They were assured he was fine and he passed the physical.... but a week later......

but yeah, frustrating!