...Bombers have acquired James Johnson db from the Riders in exchange for a latter round draft pic....I believe, he was the guy who burnt us in the Cup game....Dinwiddies nightmare......We'll see how he works out... :expressionless:

i think hes a corner papa… maybe here to replace stanford??? i dont think hes better though… sure hope we bring stanford back… maybe if he comes back they will move him inside and put malveaux back at safety?

oh well… we will see what happens i guess cuz i dont think he is any better then amos either

you know what... i bet we traded for him because estelle was apparently re-signed... hopefully he does well

...yup , you're right james....Johnson is a cornor.....and kinda of a ball-hawk.. :wink:

Good move, Johnson is a real aggressive corner who reminded me a bit of Bolden (although not as talented) from the games I watched. I do agree with a poster above me though, Samuels was/is better than this guy.

....also traded for Sideek this guy is a hitter :thup: signed ..Burke Dales....Steve Morley...Glen January.. it's looking good guys for 09....great moves... :thup:

Charlton is returning? According to Kirk Penton: ... _to_return

It says the Iceman will make a decision by today. Interesting, I thought he was gone for sure.

Winnipeg is now a much better team than they were this time yesterday. If you would have asked me this time yesterday, I would have said last place. Now with these acquisitions they should be right up there in the east.

Yep...I agree...we are better than we were...

I believe that James Johnson was on the way out in Riderland, the trade didn't surprise me. He was moved from corner to special teams returning punts the last few games of the season last year. He has a bad habit of biting on the fake pump then getting beat bad deep. A very talented player but still needs to learn, hope he does well in Winnipeg. I wouldn't have been surprised that he asked to leave as I see no other reason for Sask to unload him so cheaply. Obviously Coach Miller and JJ weren't on the same page.


Is Jesse Lumsden a possible acquisition?

Canadian Press:

The Argos were also in the running for free-agent running back Jesse Lumsden. Sources say other teams vying for Lumsden are Winnipeg and Edmonton with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats also interested in re-signing him.

Wonder where he'd fit in? Maybe it's just smoke.

Ugh...I hope not...

According to Sportsnet, we resigned Charlton. I wonder what are defense is going to look like if this is true. It will be interesting, I see one of the MLB's traded after free agency settled down.

Add Luke Fritz, great o-line signing, keep up the good work Mr. Kelly.

nice signing by getting Fritz. Versatile guy on the OL, if I can remember correctly he played tackle and guard in MTL, and a NI to boot.

....ATTA BOY MIKEY.......Fritz was deemed as replaceable and not very high on the Als. fa list....hmmmmm...I think with this big-guy coming to the BigBlue with a few of Trestmans little wrinkles, he will impart to the Bombers is invaluable.....Sorry MadJack ...we have ya now :lol: ...Seriously he is a good addition and you can't go wrong with Canadian O linemen...Signed for 2 plus 1....Kelly has definitely stepped up the job .....Taman who???????

I'm not convinced Charlton is that good. After he returned last season from NFL attempt he didn't stand out and I think he's too small to play LB.

No need for apologies, papa, Fritz wasn't going to be playing in Montreal anyway, and had his nose out of joint at no longer being a starter.

I have to say that my opinion of Kelly has gone up a few notches. I still have the concerns I've expressed elsewhere, but I really think his trades have been very good, getting Shabazz for Ellis and Ralph for Nugent.

So here are all the transactions up till now, and we all know they had the free agent camp on the weekend, so expect another couple announcements shortly.

DEC. 2, 2008 Mike Kelly hired as Head Coach
JAN. 15, 2009 Kelly Malveaux re-signed
JAN. 15, 2009 Daryl Stephenson re-signed
JAN. 21, 2009 Barrin Simpson re-signed
JAN. 21, 2009 Stefan LeFors acquired in trade with Edmonton
JAN. 27, 2009 John Murphy hired as Director of Player Personnel
JAN. 28, 2009 Tyrone Williams signed
JAN. 28, 2009 Gavin Walls re-signed
JAN. 29, 2009 Chris Cvetkovic and Shawn Mayne re-signed
JAN. 30, 2009 Ibrahim (Obby) Khan re-signed
JAN. 30, 2009 Fred Reid re-signed
FEB. 5, 2009 Roderick Johnson and Bryan Wilson signed
FEB. 5, 2009 Stanford Samuels released
FEB. 6, 2009 Tom Canada released
FEB. 9, 2009 Rodney Kinlaw and Kyle Sleightholm signed
FEB. 12, 2009 Joe Lobendahn and Josh Miller re-signed
FEB. 13, 2009 Matt O'Meara re-signed
FEB. 16, 2009 James Johnson acquired in trade with Saskatchewan
FEB. 16, 2009 Siddeeq Shabazz acquired in trade with Edmonton
FEB. 17, 2009 Brock Ralph acquired in trade with Edmonton
FEB. 18, 2009 Milt Stegall retires
FEB. 19, 2009 Riall Johnson acquired in trade with Toronto
FEB. 20, 2009 Shawn Gallant and Don Oramasionwu signed
FEB. 24, 2009 Brandon Stewart and Kyle Smith signed
FEB. 25, 2009 Timmy Chang released
FEB. 26, 2009 Charlie Carpenter hired as Offensive Line Coach
FEB. 27, 2009 Dorian Smith and Keith Saunders signed
FEB. 27, 2009 Michael Roberts released
FEB. 27, 2009 Steve Morley and Glenn January signed
MAR. 5, 2009 Keyuo Craver and Derrick Strait signed
MAR. 6, 2009 Ike Charlton re-signed
MAR. 9, 2009 Kevin Glenn released
MAR. 11, 2009 Marlon Fair and Aric Williams signed
MAR. 12, 2009 Jon Oosterhuis re-signed
MAR. 16, 2009 Matt Kudu and Kerry Johnson released
MAR. 27, 2009 Lavarus Giles and Kenneth Byrd signed
APR. 2, 2009 Adarius Bowman, Jean-Francois Morin-Roberge, and Brady Browne acquired in trade with Saskatchewan
APR. 3, 2009 Rodney Kinlaw released
APR. 15, 2009 Luke Fritz signed
APR. 17, 2009 Justin Surrency and Yvenson Bernard signed

wow, what a list. lots of new faces for sure, bombers gonna make some money off programs. to quote harry doyle, 'lots of new faces and hopefully we'll have a few names to go with those faces before this one is over.'

say what you want about kelly but you cant say he aint tryin.