Ackles Writes Article in the National Post

This guy just will not stop.

After reading his article in the National Post, its obvious he has little idea what he's talking about.
He says every sponsor in Canada will flee the CFL and go to the NFL?

Why just the CFL? Will they not abandon our NHL teams as well?
I don't get his thinking.

CFL has competed head to head with the NHL, and also soccer, lacrosse, and baseball and the NBA.
And has had no trouble finding sponsors.

This guy highly overrates the interest in the NFL in Canada. And thats because he's been in the USA too long.

What he doesn't get is that we're a different country.
Where hockey is king and curling gets triple the NFL TV ratings head to head.

Ackles's is talking too much and is making the league look stupid. HE's yesterdays man. Cohon should reign this guy in.
All he's doing is giving fodder to the doomsday predictors.

Here's the article:

[url=] ... e-cfl.aspx[/url]

I think the whole thing is just getting weirder and weirder every day with this article here and that one there etc. People saying all sorts of things, myself included.
Thank goodness we aren't talking about some dictator coming into Canada and blowing the whole country up with some supersized A-Bomb. Not that this CFL-NFL thing isn't important but you get my drift I hope. :roll:

Great column by Bobby! This guy is not only a passionate supporter of the CFL, but he should of been a writer!

Whether an NFL team would steal ALL the sponsorship dollars in Canada or not (the Argos/Ti-Cats already have the smallest local sponsorhip revenue in the CFL), is not something I want to find out. I like the NFL, but let's keep the NFL teams out of Canada. :thup:

These journalists are doing a good job of informing the public
that a particular Canadian multi-millionaire and his cohorts

hope to land a franchise in the the super-sized NFL,

whether a team in Toronto will blow up the CFL or not

Walmart, the world's largest retailer is running
roughshod over our Canadian retail businesses

why wouldn't the NFL, the world's largest sports operation
run roughshod over a Mom and Pop operation like the CFL?

Good points ron. Although unlike Walmart, the NFL will just be in Toronto for the time being. Expanding into other Canadian cities would be way down the road if ever.

Well like it or not we have the CRTC that protects our music, radio and TV airwaves.
The CFL is more important then same and yes, it needs protection from the big bad NFL.
Keep them out, save and except the part time games only.
I am all for it.

Lets see are all companies that sponsor the CFL and buy ad time for the CFL Canadian? I'm going to guess no and say some at least have roots in the states.

Now they have the choice of advertising for the NFL which is the big league or the CFL the small league to advertise to Canadians, which do you think they'll go for?

This of course is because Toronto is such a big market and if the NFL out draws the CFL more sponsors will go which will make it harder for the Argos to turn a profit, which makes them more likely to fold. If you think TSN would support a CFL without a team in the biggest TV market in the country I highly doubt it. Or all you'll be getting is one game a week.

Sponsors target T.V advertising towards
attracting buyers with differing interests.

They direct only a certain percentage
of their budget towards football fans.

so sponsorhip dollars that go
to the NFL are lost to the CFL.

Why just the CFL?

Will they not abandon
our NHL teams as well?

I don’t get his thinking.

Why would a sponsor abandon one of
the best markets to attract buyers?
CFL has competed head to head with the NHL, and also soccer, lacrosse, and baseball and the NBA.

And has had no trouble finding sponsors.

The issue isn’t attracting fans,
it is retaining sponsorship money.
This guy highly overrates the interest in the NFL in Canada.

And thats because he’s been in the USA too long.

What he doesn’t get is that we’re a different country.

Where hockey is king and curling gets
triple the NFL TV ratings head to head.

Ackles’s is talking too much and
is making the league look stupid.

HE’s yesterdays man.

Cohon should reign this guy in.

All he’s doing is giving fodder
to the doomsday predictors.

Here’s the article:

[url=] ... e-cfl.aspx[/url]

More fodder to the doomsday predictors, berezin.

When news broke of the plan
to play Bills games in Toronto,

Ted Rogers was quoted as saying that

“people will be lined up to Queen Street to get in…?

Ted Rogers' sidekick, Phil Lind:

"I like the NFL, I like it better," he said.

"And so do most people in Toronto - like the NFL better."

He attends 2 NFL games in two cities
on the same Sunday afternoons.

He drives from his Toronto home to Orchard Park, N.Y.,
to watch the first half of a Buffalo Bills game.

Around halftime, he drives west to Cleveland,
and watches the second half of a late-afternoon game
featuring his beloved Browns, from the season tickets
he holds on the 35-yard line, 10 rows off the field.

Weird ron that Phil Lind is afraid of the CFL and sees it as competition that he has to say he likes the NFL better than the CFL. That's fine, he can say what he wants but to publically say he sees the CFL as a threat to his NFL, wow, that's actually a compliment to the CFL I'd say.

Earl, whether Phil Lind sees the CFL as a threat
to his boss getting an NFL team in Toronto or not,

he and his cohorts are slowly working
towards taking on that challenge.

Like the Wal-Mart comment the only way to prevent this from happening is people not attending. We sit here and complain about wal-mart running mom and pop shops out of the country but whose fault is that.
It is ours because we are the ones that decide to enter their doors and not the mom and pop doors. Sure wal-mart is bigger and stronger but it is the people that made it that way. This is the same for the CFL, if there is enough support and money still coming into the Argos organization then they will be fine.

It is getting tiresome listening to people complain about the enevitable disappearance of the CFL. If the proper structure is in place and the fans are still loyal the NFL will not have to affect us. Look on the bright side of things. If you dont like the NFL dont watch it. Stay loyal and watch the CFL continue to operate for years.

I knew Ackles had more credentials than some of the posters on this forum :roll: :roll: :

I value the opinions of my counterparts in the CFL, but I have worked in the NFL while they have not. I understand its corporate culture and I understand the marketing machine that it has become.

That statement right there says it all! How many of us posters can claim that on our resume?

But the NFL in Toronto wont just effect Toronto, it will effect Southern Ontario. (Hamilton)

I just hope that the NFL focus's on Los Angeles, Orlando, Mexico City before Toronto.

Ackles is allowed his opinions, not sure how he managed to write in the National Post...but anyway.

However he should be careful how he paints the NFL. This is a league that has and enforces a drug testing policy and governs itself heads and shoulders above the CFL.

The CFL's owners have consistantly refused to invest in the infrastructure of the league prefering a loose and grey management. This is working against them in this situation. For example abandoning the Ottawa fans and market they chose their bottom line and now have little if any influence with our federal law makers.

Instead of taking turns grabbing GC money every year, had they invested that for the last 10 years. they would be sitting on some massive money that they could use to capitalise stadiums, Fund their own TV channel and other projects that would help the league grow.

I really love the CFL but to try and sell this as "our" league when consistantly it has refused to do what was right for the greater good of their own property is the owners own doing.

Who knows maybe this situation will force them to work together to grow the league instead of sitting around a table a few times a year like a bunch of "Chicago Style Boss" of old.

I have a hard time with the idea of denying the rights of people in Toronto to fork out their own hard earn cash to be entertained in any way they so choose.

I can't see how buying an NFL team for a billion dollars and building a stadium for another half a billion can ever be profitable. Especialy when the league has to break its contract with the NFLPA to survive but its not my money.

Just remember this, despite the fact that the Grey Cup and the Superbowl garner the same size tv audience, advertising time here in Canada for the Superbowl sold for more. That makes no economic or financial sense! It's as if the corporate types just want to be a part of a special club, i.e., "I had my add on during the Superbowl". This is what Ackles is getting at. :cowboy:

For the same reason that a city like Indianapolis, population 800,000, can build a new half-billion dollar stadium every twenty years: Massive television revenue.

Ackles has more experience running football clubs in North America than just about any other person you can name. He's not "yesterday's man" because he's still on the job. He's also an author (of a highly entertaining and informative book) so he also has chops in that area. We'd be fools not to listen to him. The man knows what he is talking about.

I respect the words of wisdom and not the chicken little sky is falling as some have suggested are from Mr. Ackles.
Here is a guy who loves the CFL and has what over 50 years in football. With the majority in the CFL, then some time in the NFL and the XFL.
If anyone knows how the big elephant in the room may affect our league, well then I
believe his words of wisdom hold true and are a reason for concern.

Ackles has credentials and experience up his ying yang. He knows the NFL very well - make no mistake - corporate America does not give a damn about the CFL if there is a chance to exploit a market and make money. As well, just as the Vancouver Grizzlies pulled the plug in 10 seconds on that franchise, they will pull the plug on an NFl team in Canada when it does not suit them any longer!!! Then, after the CFl has been destroyed, we will wonder what happened. Ackles was on the inside in Dallas, Miami and even the XFL - he knows it all too well. This is about saving a cultural thing that is also a very entertaining sport. We will regret it hugely and it is silly, silly, silly when WE NOW HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS- CFL AND NFL FOOTBALL AT OUR DOORSTEP. STAY IN THE U.S.A. nfl and leave Canada with the superior game = CFL fOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You'd have to think with having to employ about 1/2 the rosters with Canadian by the rules, this would make the CFL a cultural industry. I don't know.


"Regarding the federal government’s position on cultural matters and the MAI, it was made clear that Canada’s culture was not open for discussion and that it was the government’s intent to seek an exemption for its cultural industries. As the Honourable Sergio Marchi, then Minister of International Trade explained in November 1997: "I can … tell you what the MAI is not. It is not a charter of rights for multinational companies, nor does it spell the end of Canada’s sovereignty. We will retain the right to enact laws in all areas and … [w]e will still be able to impose restrictions on foreign investment in sectors – like culture.(6)

In October 1998, senior OECD officials decided to terminate the MAI negotiation process without an agreement. For the Government of Canada, the cessation of the MAI negotiations has brought clarity and closure to the debate. As a Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade statement explains: "Canada’s participation in the negotiations was constructive … Since the outset, we have maintained our bottom-lines to fully safeguard our freedom of action in key areas, including health care, social programs, culture, labour, environment, programs for Aboriginal Peoples and programs for minorities."(7) Moreover, given that trade and investment are "twin engines for job creation, prosperity and economic growth," the federal government now feels that future MAI negotiations should be conducted via the World Trade Organisation (WTO)."

[url=] ... 9925-e.htm[/url]

I agree

However those exceptions have been used only with Electronic and Printed media thus far. Canada even had to haul it up to the WTO. As the NAFTA agreement didn't afford the protections required.

One area that might annoy the NFL is that Canada could argue that if the NFL wants to do business here it has to do so with the same constraints regarding ratio as the CFL does. Kind of a reverse of what the US forced on the CFL when it expanded to the US.

Also the federal government could refuse any visa for NFL employee/players under the grounds that it would affect existing trade...IE players employed by the CFL. How could the NFL argue that they can't find a receiver in Canada ...

Yes any business can technicaly startup in Canada but employing 100% Americans on the roster anyway is not acceptable. If you opened up a call center and wanted to fly in 1500 Indian nationals. I don't think that would fly...

So there are a lot of levers that governments can use to make it very unatractive for the NFL to setup shop in Canada. The question is how poplular would that be. We know it would not be popular with some in Toronto but would it be unpopular enough in the rest of the country.

Also i don't question Ackle's ability to write. I'm just surprised he was able to publish an "article" in the National Post. Not many book writers could manage that.

Also I think it might be best for those type of efforts to be coordinated with the League.