Wanna pack the place July 18? Do the right thing and forget about the profit from just one game.

Consider the magnitude of July 18 and how big a Night and Tribute it will be for our City. Hell even the Mayor will be there and it will be Officially Bob Ackles Day in Vancouver.

Give away tickets for free and fill the place. Any fans who paid for a ticket and they have an issue, they can get a refund from the Lions.

No you're not cheapening the night. You're not cheapening the event.

You cannot afford to have a half empty dome for this event. That is not an option.

bobby wouldnt want that.

its not good business.

:thup: Couldn't agree more. This is a business and tickets provide the money to pay staff, players, coaches and expenses.

While the person who came out with the idea may be well intentioned the idea is misguided both from a business perspective and what would happen if the city were flooded with free tickets including reselling and possibly idiots.

BC Lion football is still a cheap night out much like Vancouver Giants hockey and Canadians baseball.

This is not only a bad idea it insults the memory of the Lions President.

Im with ya fb17

i am with you too 17, if Bob Ackles was still here he would want people to pay and whatch his team not given out freebees, this is a very classy organization and letting people come in to the game on the 18th, for free, is bush league, the lions do not do anything bush league anymore.

Yeah, because that will make the 25000 season ticket holders really happy.. :roll:

you said it ik17 i am one.

Exactly! Im with FYB on this one!


you have it all wrong! Bob was about doing what was best for the organization! comming back in 2000 and implementing programs that lapsed in his absence! setting up charity and recognition to all players of B.C. football. Bob never took a free ride for anything he got succesfull and gave back to help those less fortunate Bob Ackles and free don't belong in the same sentence!You think this team or any other in the CFL would survive by doin free! give your head a shake! If you can't be bothered to pay for a ticket you don't deserve to be at this man's tribute! stay home you don't love football and you don't understand what this man represented! Life isn't a free ride! pay your way!

but now the game won’t be a sellout!

I don't think it's cost that's preventing people from coming...come on now, you can pick up a ticket for $20.

I think there are a variety of reasons - in the summer, people make plans for bbq's, outings, etc. For some, sitting under a dome in sweltering heat with drunks and rowdies sounds anything but entertaining. Personally, I'm a die hard fan and try and make it out when I can...but I can see taking in more games once the roof is off.

I don't think Bob,or the B.C.Lions would want to give away free tickets.Its not good for business.I personally think it would diminish the tribute the Lions have planned for Bob on friday night.Its cheap to go to a Lions game compared to going to a Canucks game.Cheap tix at Safeway or 7-11.See you all at the game on friday.

I agree, price is not an issue.

Real Football fans will be there.

Ackles wouldn't want the attendance figures "Tarnished" by a free giveaway.