Ackles should lift the blackout vs. Calgary

Considering all this upset over the blackout hoopla, I hope the BC Lions will do the right thing and lift the blackout for the Calgary game.

What happened last game CANNOT happen again or all credibility will be lost.

The Lions owe it to their fans to do the right thing and lift the blackout for the next game.

Remember that this will be the LAST regular season game CBC will broadcast from BC Place (excluding a Western Final).

You didn't hear?

CBC is doing a Blackout special. :lol: :lol:

David Suzuki, and the Nature of Things looks at diesel bus pollution. Suzuki,will take his team of Scientists up the Rockey Mountains (in his personal diesel bus)to explore, record, and understand the effects of air pollution drifting from Vancouver into the mountains.

Much more fascinating than a football game! :roll: :roll:

Lions have no agreement with CBC to lift blackouts. I beleive they have to lift two of them with TSN.

I'm going to the game anyways so its a non issue for me.

120db , since your not a lions fan why do you care?
You and your twin dupsdell , I don't understand why either of you post as it's only to tear down whatever the Lions do , proving neither of you are Lions fans . Apparently winning a Grey Cup is not enough for either of you and everyone in the organization should be fired.
Is there not an NFL site you could go to ? (And be annoying there ?)

The Lions must lift two blackouts per season and they have already done that — home opener against the Eskimos and the Montreal game.

They don't need to or should lift another one this season.
It's a gate driven league and their asking fans to get their ass down to B.C. Place once every 2 weeks. Hardly a huge sacrifice compared to say a Canuck 5-game homestand over 11 days.

The NFL has the same blackout rule and each team is getting $72 million for its TV deal compared to about $1.5 million for CFL teams.

It's not Braley or Ackles' fault CBC's blackout area went beyond the Lower Mainland. If they're at fault for anything it's making it clear there will be no more blackout lifts in the LM area for the remaining 3 home games.

Well if they can't get more than 30,000 to a game after they win a Grey Cup and have 5 players named All Stars, then mabey they should show more games on tv to attract more fans.

I'm not negative; I just tell it like it is. In a city of 2.1 million people, a professional football team should draw more than 30,000 after the team won a championship and have the top record in the league.

That's not being negative or a non fan. I get the impression Vancouver doesn't really give a flying crapp anymore about the Lions.

I have to agree with you 120db it looks s though ticket sales are not going very good against calgary either.

Lets cheer for the team that realy matters in this city GO CANUCKS GO.

I caught the last Leos-Argos game on CBC HD(Channel 209)Hopefully,Calgary-B.C. game at Dome will be televised,as well on Channel 209.If that helps people with Shaw HD box or have Bell Expressvu.

You say this every time you fool. LOL

Dudsmell, you need to stop making things up there mr king of BS

Some facts:

Only 1 home game was under 30000 and that was 29000 and change against Hamilton (go figure)

Vancouver does not have 2.1 million, the entire GVRD has about that much.

Have you noticed that there are so many more things to do in and around Vancouver than there is in most CFL cities? Think about it, if your options are going to the game or going to the mall (sorry Edmonton) or going to the rodeo (sorry Calgary) or going to the....ummm (sorry winnipeg and sask lol). Get my point?

Im from Kelowna and what I can say is Vancouver is a different type of place from the rest of the country there are lots of reasons theres not more people there some are the culture of the people that live there. Golf/ skiing /beach theres so much to do there. I know that Id have to live pretty close to the stadium to go to every game. really to do anything in Van its a production I stayed at a friends place in Burnaby to go to games and you have to leave 90 minutes early to get there sit in traffic, park, walk, do you think they do that in Regina. It might take them 90 minutes but there coming in from another town. So I think the none die hard fan probably just says forget it. Although I will be in attendance on Saturday first game in person sinse 2001 I think