Ackles and BC Place Around for a While

This is great news!! :thup: :rockin: :thup:

Here is a portion of a Saturday, November 25, 2006 Iain MacIntyre article from the Vancouver Sun:

"I saw in the paper yesterday (not this one) that I was retiring when my contract is up in two years," Ackles says. "I'll have to phone David and tell him that's not the case. As long as I feel good, and David wants me and I'm making progress, then I'll keep working."

Soon, he could be working on an extension of the Lions' stadium lease beyond 2010, as Howard Crosley, who manages B.C. Place Stadium for the provincial government, recently confirmed he is accepting reservations for events in 2011 and will begin next year taking bookings for 2012. This seems to dispell the widely-held belief that the government will sell or demolish the stadium after the 2010 Olympics.

"You don't know what's going to happen, but when I came back, there was no doubt in their minds that when the contract was up after 2006, the stadium would be sold or torn down or whatever," Ackles says. "I think now they're looking for ways [to keep it going]. It's a great stadium."

They have to play at BC Place. Nothing else is big enough to support a CFL franchise.

After that Monsoon in November, I am so glad we have BC Place.

That is good news for BC . Hopefully people will just shut up about their notions of building a new stadium though. No doubt if the Govt. had any idea of tearing the place down it was due to all the negative talk about BC Place by the media and some mis-guided fans.

If they tear it down, I suspect what we'll get in it's place is nothing at all . The govt. won't be wanting to put money into another one especially if we get NDP in the future and they're the ones to tear BC Place down. No way an NDP govenrment would give us a new one. They would just find a socialist cause to put the money toward instead.

The NDP would take the drug addicts on East Hastings and give them Social Housing in BC Place with free drugs and Wine! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Shut up about the NDP, and knock off the poor bashing. The Lions draw most of their fans from areas where the NDP did quite well in the last election, as opposed to snotty elitist 'creme de la creme' BC Liberal supporters who go to Canucks games to be seen and look down on the Lions because working people can afford to go to their games.

...kinda funny bear that you harshly critize someone for bashing a stereotype and a political party and then do so yourself....

....subject at hand: good news for the Lions on both fronts....BC Place is a marvelous venue and Ackles is the man you want guiding the ship.....

bear, your a mess when it comes to this subject.

If the NDP were in power, nobody could afford to go to games because there would be no jobs left for anyone to earn any money to buy tickets. :lol: :lol:

I'll say what ever about the NDP I want!!! And nobody bashed the poor you idiot!!!!!!!!