Ackie comes to his senses

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Also good news that it is a three-year deal.


I'd love to know how the deal went down :wink:

However it went down, good for him.

Its all in Herb's article today. :wink:

Knock'em dead Chris.

Reminds me of Plesius and Hamilton when he was drafted. He seemed to think he the NFL was more interested than they were. He did not get a contract from an NFL team his draft year and returned to Laval for his 5th year of eligibility. After his 5th year he did not sign with Hamilton until after TC was over.
That would have been some bad advice if Ackie played that same card. Another year in the CIS is not going to up your pro stock anywhere.
Seeing that Muamba last year and Heenan this season played 3 CFL seasons and stock was higher among NFL teams. Brett Jones did it after 2 seasons.