Ace In The Hole: Mike Miller extends w/ Bombers

WINNIPEG — The CFL’s all-time leader in special teams tackles is staying in Winnipeg.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have agreed to terms with National fullback Mike Miller on a one-year contract extension. He was scheduled to become a free agent on Feb. 14.

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The special teams GOAT is back for another year! Another great signing.


Bombers sign another 12 year veteran.

Another day, another vet. Good job .


Another great leader signed. Always reliable, always healthy Mike Miller will be doing his thing for one more season. It’s good for the team dynamic to have these character vets back that lay it all out on the line.


Just like wine......

Miller led the Blue Bombers with 16 special teams tackles in 2022, adding a forced fumble in his 18 regular season games while registering four more tackles on specials in the playoffs. During his days in Winnipeg, Miller has not missed a single game while amassing 110 special teams tackles, which ranks third in club history behind Wade Miller (184) and Brendan Rogers (124).

.........Miller gets better with age


Speaking of "12", the dirty dozen who'll be 33 or older next year are getting signed one by one. How soon before the remaining 3 - Taylor, Briggs & Ellingson, jump on board? :rofl: Really interested to see how things work out for them this year.

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Andrew Harris was too old

I think in his entire CFL career he has only missed one game, and that was here in Edmonton.
Solid signing for a guy who has been a beast on special teams his whole career.


Miller is taking a spot that should be going to a 25 yr old. He is not bigger, stronger, faster, or smarter.

Others who have been on the same special teams unit for the last three seasons should be able to fill the leadership void.

comparing apples and oranges. Besides being an injured passenger for most of the year Harris did not do much at all.

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Miller is a very versatile player who doesn't miss any games, His knowledge and experience make him a valuable piece of the Bombers puzzle


It's a veteran group that should not need to rely on one person. Gauthier is another 7 yr vet that can't start on D. At some point the team needs to move on.

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Completely agree. And welcome to the forum.