Accountability. Where is it?

Recievers who either cannot catch a ball, cough it up for an INT, or fumble, yet they still play.
Linemen who are worse than pylons, yet they still play.
DTs who are past their use-by date, and they still play.
A DC who goes "prevent" in the second half and the D gets picked apart, and he still coaches.
A Head Coach who continues to make the same poor decisions (coin toss, player selection, etc) and he still coaches.
A Front Office who cannot recruit impact players, nor retain the impact players during FA, nor scout new players, yet they still have jobs.
A team VP who is completely incapable of the position, yet he outranks the far more experienced staff in the GM office, and yet he still draws a paycheque.

Clearly, Scott Mitchell and Bob Young want it this way...

I want to hear the explanations for:

A - not attempting a 2 point coversion

B - using a receiver as a DB on the last Ottawa posession

C - giving enough time and field with two plays left to allow Ottawa even a sniff at a game winning field goal.

I can't ever imagine why these are correct choices. Mistakes, all.


A - Goal line was not a strength in the game

B - see Earl Winfield in Grey Cup

C - Thank you Domagala for your big tackle

It appeared that we had the wind in the last quarter so an Ottawa field goal had added difficulty .

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Please go on and explain .

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can anyone smarter than me advise why we didn't go for two points on our last TD?

another coaching error by our fumbling fake coach?

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How does one explain the "do nothing" off season in between two years where we host a Grey Cup???

Ultimately personnel decisions flow from those two as they always have regardless of rhetoric to the contrary...

If those two wanted to win, you would have fixed the obvious holes we had in the off season. Instead, they ( through their football operations acolytes) CHOSE to do nothing...

I must have totally missed this but who was this receiver?

Just another of the stupid coaching decisions that you are going to have to put up with this season.

Friend at the game made the identification - Dunbar Jr.

Now you’re making stuff up. Bob Young and Scott Mitchell don’t evaluate talent, don’t coach, don’t get involved with football stuff below the most senior levels of football operations at all. They’ve allowed the team to spend to the CAP.
Results are what not what they should be but other than just saying it’s all on those two…give examples of how they’re deliberately doing things to stop us from winning.

Firing everyone involved won’t fix anything. Firing a couple of people…maybe but I doubt it. Who do you bring in to “fix” what is broken? League rules with the football operations cap makes it tough to do wholesale changes. It’s easier to replace players if you can find better ones at the same cost.


IMO ...there is no need to make changes here. Stability is key. Fix the O-line (probably one player) and reduce turnovers.

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Yes it was Dunbar and thanks to Josh Smith he was inserted into the game at the end because Katsantonis was injured and left the game in the third quarter. Woods filled in when they put in an extra DB until he to was injured which is why Dunbar got into the game. There were no more defensive backs left who could have gone in.


A tall quick guy who could knock down a hail Mary pass . RC Owens used to stand under the goalposts to knock down field goals that might just clear the crossbar . He was a great WR for the 49ers with leaping ability . In the 89 Grey Cup , I recall Earl the Pearl replacing Jim Rockford at CB
This decision is not unusual in football . Improvise , adapt , and overcome .

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Desmond Lawrence is our only other db on the practice roster. Assuming Cariel
Brooks will still be out for a while. If Katsantonis can’t go for the game on Thursday they may have to bring Lawrence onto the active roster and have him on special teams and back up in the secondary, which would send Tre Crawford back on the practice roster. Lawrence Woods is too valuable on kick returns to have to play him on defence as well.

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Frankie Williams did both jobs . Imagine if we had Frankie back at DB .

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They sign the cheques for those who evaluate talent and must've signed off on the decisions made...And, they must've thought those that evaluate talent were competent...

Ultimately the buck stops with them...

Yea he was phenomenal at both no question. But I think that takes a toll on guys over a couple of years. Better to have fresh legs for one or the other.

Find it strange that no one has caught up with Frankie Williams - 3 Down Nation,, The Spec, Twitter , nada. Was the quietest retirement I think I’ve ever seen for such a talent in this league.


Sorry Lenny meant this as a replay to Pat’s post above.

It's going to take more than one or two fresh legs to pull off a GC appearance this
year. This team is weak all over. From D-line to O-line to QB we are average to below-
average. Basicly we just have to ride out this year and then make major changes
in the off season. Hire Buck Pierce as HC and OC, fire Condel, keep Coach-O as GM.
Find a good American player Scout (like Danny Mac) and go from there.
If you got season tickets, relax and enjoy the bubbly.
That's about it.