Accountability from the top please....

It will a long wait for us fans until the Labour Day game against the blue team.
Another loss last night against Winnipeg. Now 2-6.
Attendance has been declining since the beginning of the season.
Would someone up top kindly stand up and let us know what is being done to correct what is wrong with this team? What is the plan for the rest of the season? More of the same? If so please explain.
C'mon Obie and Scott Mitchell. Its time for a "state of the team" report. What about the playoff goal given to us during the off-season?
The silence has been deafening here at the fan level.

Great post. I agree 100 % What is going on with this team and the inconsistency of play and coaching?

Would someone up top kindly stand up and let us know what is being done to correct what is wrong with this team? What is the plan for the rest of the season? More of the same? If so please explain.
Great post...mr62cats.

The silence is indeed deafening.
I have always wondered why it seems to take so long for the upper management of this act on something...anything. It's been like this for many years. The failed Maas experiment...the ( what looks like ) failed Taffee experiment...and so on, and so on. It's been 5 years of waiting, for the fans, for this team to turn around. The fan base has stayed loyal to this team...through-out the last long years. However, now even some of the most loyal fans...are saying enough, and not going to games. The Ti-Cat Brass must do what it takes, and now, to stop the losing ways of this team. A REAL turn around has to start, THIS season.
The same old...same old, year after spelling nothing more than DOOM for this team.
Is the Ti-Cat Brass waiting for the fan base to hit rock-bottom before they realize it ?
I hope not...
Because much more of ( this )...and that is what is going to happen,.. as it has already started.


I beleive Obie has a few rabbits in his hat and within the next few days he do the old bullwinkle trick and pull them out. It's hard to believe Obie traveled to the Colts camp without returning with something or possible some bodies in his hat. Two quality rush ends
another week side linebacker - and palcing Danny Mack permenently on the coaching staff.

Too much is done every year. Nothing big needs to happen.

Perhaps some help on the Lines, O and D will help... but dont expect coaching changes, people fired, mass cuts. Its what got us here in the first place... we have found some good CFL players, we can win 4 or 5 of our last 10 games with improved effort and being healthy, and 6-7 wins would be huge. At this point we've shown we can compete, which is a huge step from the last 2 years... be patient, when we start to win these close ones you will be happy you came along for the ride.

If Obie comes back with some talent after his NFL trip there will have to be some firings. O line. D line. Secondary. Receivers.
And even with a whole bunch of new talent on board, will we have the coaching smarts to use them properly?
The game plans we have seen so far just do not seem aimed at making the best use of our players talents. It looks like the coaches come up with some Polyanna game plan which they think will outsmart the opposition (like not using Calley and Jesse the way they should) but it always backfires because the opposition is just not that stupid. Then we don't adjust the game plan when they are on to us.
Unless that kind of poor game planning changes, the best talent in the world won't make much of a difference.
I wish I could be as optimistic as you at this stage. We have a tough sked after the blue team.

Theres a rumour going around that the rest of the games this season are going to be played against the argos.

What are you talking about?

We're leading the league in rushing!

Our offence has improved dramatically over last year.

The D is our achilles heal this year.

I'm with Crash, this is a young team, a new team that needs to play together and gain experience as a unit, and in the meantime Obie tweaks what needs to be tweaked along the way.

I don't need any explanations. I'm ok with what I've been seeing. I'm sure they know what needs to be addressed.

IMO, the team needs, a dramatically improved pass rush, improve pass protection and above all, experience.

When do we get Cedric and George back on the O-line?

When do we get Cedric and George back on the O-line?
8) Unfortunately Cedric is gone for the year, but Hudson could possibly be back for Labour Day.
  With Hudson it is the good old ankle sprain, and we all know how long that could possibly take to fully heal !!!

Captainkirk wrote:
"We're leading the league in rushing!
Our offence has improved dramatically over last year.
The D is our achilles heal this year."

Cap'n: Yawn.
You must be opposed to change on principle.
So everything is fine. Please call Obie and let him know.
One more thing Cap'n. 2-6!!!!

No. Show me where I said that.

Of course we need change.

I'll repeat a portion of my post that you quoted. perhaps you didn't read it:

"[i]I'm sure they know what needs to be addressed.

IMO, the team needs, a dramatically improved pass rush, improved pass protection and above all, experience. "[/i]

Scott and Obie aren't running a business
that puts our health and safety at risk.

If one follows this team closely I don't know how
one could have missed many recent comments
by Scott and Obie regarding their short term plans.

When there's news to report
they will gladly report it.

Until then, they wisely shut up.

Talk is cheap and they know that.

They knew that without even having to
read the 'ramblings on' on their website. :smiley:

When Trestman took over the Als this season, he identified two areas that needed significant improvement: O-line (most sacks given up last season) and D-line (little to no pressure on the opposing QB).

I think the '08 Cats have the same problem. The pass rush simply doesn't get there in time, leaving your secondary to cover for too long. Conversely, the O-line is great at run-blocking, not so good at pass-blocking. Of course, a lot of that has to do with Bellefeuille's schemes which seem to entirely forsake the quick-passing game that would take some heat off both O-line and QB, but there is no doubt IMO that the hogs need an upgrade.

Re Captain Kirk "I'm sure they know what needs to be addressed." That's what the people on here have been saying for 4 seasons.!! What we are seeing is a complete rebuild starting This season. what irks me is they had a great Short yardage set 2 seasons ago, Now they cant do anything on less than 2 to go ?? why not run the plays from seasons past that worked??? Ti cats develop one promising QB, and they Try to turn him into a battering Ram against the front 7 of Winnipegs D. what ever happened to the fullback ?? BTW Williams took a pounding against Winnipeg and never quite!

You're right. Words are meaningless right now. The focus has to be on upgrading the talent level. There will be plenty of time to critque the coaching staff. Remarkably this team still has a chance of making the playoffs, but its also obvious that we're not yet close to having a team that compete with the top level teams in the league. Obie has enough experience to understand the importance of focusing on the right things. As someone said we're in full blown rebuilding mode; making some progress but a long way to go. This team does not need the distraction of a coaching change mid season.


I have reached the conclusion Cap'n Kirk and Ron from wherever are either the same poster..or they both work for the Tiger-Cats PR department.
But hold on a sec...I take that back. I can't imagine anyone there in the PR dept with so little perception and who could possibly have their heads so deep in the sand.
Lawdy.... these two (or one) are everywhere despite being outnumbered by the voices of reason. :cry:
Gives me my daily laugh.

62cats, your vendetta against Taaffe is what's really humourous. You must have gone into this season blind to think that drastic improvement was coming with all the new faces and systems that cane in this year.

The biggest problem that need to be addressed (and i didn;t like it in the offseason) is the OC. It's his system that is flawed. Problem is if you keep turning over coaches year after year you have a hard time hiring experienced coaches because no one wants to take on that kind of pressure.

This team still plays the hearts out for Charlie. That means the players like him a s a ccoach and haven't given up on him like they did Marshall. The problem is the talent is there yet.


My criticism of Charlie is nothing more than an opinion based on what I have seen for the past season and a half.
I have said before that I think he is a great guy but his schemes still don't work and I don't see him as the coach for the future. I hope I am wrong but debates are allowed here and obviously the feelings on both sides of the coaching issue are strong.
I am certainly not alone on this forum. Its coming from all sides, including posters who I thought would never reach the same conclusion.
We have some posters who disagree for reasons that can be debated in a reasonable way....and thats fine. Unfortunately there are others who choose to get nasty (guess who they are!) because someone else challenges them.
I have already reported two posters to the mods, making the case that personal attacks (as listed in the forum rules) drive away posters who may have something new to add to the debate. I see the offenders have not been banned yet so it appears personal attacks are OK. Now that sounds like an opportunity for a real vendetta!
In the end Scotty...its all opinion anyway.
We have no control over the outcome but seeing how the process unfolds creates some lively discussion. That's as it should be. However I think we have all exhausted our viewpoints in the past couple of months.
Maybe, like the players, we should all take a break from this coaching issue during the bye week until we see what happens on Labour Day.
I think I will.

MrCats Let be the 1st Say Ron and Kirk are Different People
2Nd Ron happens to be Liberal with his views
Where good Friends and We disagree a Fair bid but one of Faithful Ticats fan out there.

mr62 and his strong willed, like-minded voices of treason

are handicapped by the belief that every component
of a complete football team should have been assembled
in one fell swoop at this year's Training Camp.

and many of them believe that

some mythical yet un-named guru can be found
to microwave this team and a few additions

into a completely proficient successful team

in two weeks if his 'coming' occurs this bye week.

Despite, allegedly, being outnumbered
by these many voices of treason,

I remain confident that

my perception that the sun
is breaking on the horizon

is shared by the most Ticat fans

who, fortunately, don't have
the fatal flaw of tunnel vision.