Accountability Board

I thought I saw someone mention this, but I can't find the post, so I'm just making a new topic. :lol:

I was just reading this on, and I think it's a pretty good idea, and the team does seem to be improving. It also makes it easier for Tillman to evaluate talent. :lol:

they showed the board during the telecast and talked about it. Climie started talking about how it's almost a violation of workers rights. I dunno about that. He knows what he's talking about as that is his legal field, but there have always been ways that teams have used some form or another to spotlight and or identify someone who was underperforming.

Personally, on a team where jobs are on the line, I think it's more than fair. It gives players a chance to see if they're on the hot seat and then they can do something about it.

On the flip side... It's a sad state of affairs when the players need to be told they made a mistake. Good players already know and are accountable without provocation.

I'd say Climie needs to lighten up. :lol: Passion is something this team has lacked all season long, so if this board helps bring that out in the players, then I say it's a good idea. It is kind of sad that guys have to be told when they aren't playing up to par, but I think we can all agree the winning culture left Edmonton a few years ago... :?

I'm sure they knew when they were missing assignments etc, however they didn't play any better. This board comes out and we get a decent effort out of them, I like the idea. Personally I'm glad the coach's are trying something different.

An Accountability Board is an interesting approach to make public. Everyone has an assessment as to their work performance. It may be the spark that lights some fire but I'm just not sure of the benefits of making it a long term practice. Football is a team sport and it may turn some players into thinking as individual performance and highlights rather then what is best for the team

I don't think this is a long-term thing. I think it's just for the end of the season. Once the off-season gets here, I imagine the board will be taken down.

This just in the Accountability board has gone missing and not being replaced!

I think they're gonna need a second board to fit all the names of the people who failed to show up tonight. :lol:

Screw Climie then :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: ...if the team stinks to high heaven anything short of blatantly criminal or wantonly abusive to improve the situation is just fine with me ...go get a team of your own Climie and see how the candybutt approach works out for you when the going gets tough...maybe go join that doofy Cuthbert in the booth instead of being an analyst ...Dunigan kicks your butt anyway. :thup: :slight_smile:

Well, every coach has the right to run his team the way he wants, short of abuse (as Paolo notes). But to me, an accountability board is just the sign of a desperate coach who can't find any other way to motivate his group. A good team doesn't need public shaming in order to do its job.

I'd bet money that the accountability board is gone next season.

Yes, as I said before, I seriously doubt this is a long-term thing. It'll be gone at the end of the season.

On the bright side, the new position coaches seem to have had a very positive impact with their respective groups of players (Prinsen with the O-line, Nelson with the linebackers). Now, if Tillman can start bringing in some quality talent in the offseason, a good team will start to emerge.

Ray is already looking a lot better in the pocket just by virtue of having time to throw and not being plastered to the turf with a hellacious hit every time he attempts a pass. Take away the Bertrand fumbles and who knows how last night's game turns out?

Using McCarty as an extra guard helps…

This is by no stretch of the imagination a good team :wink: