According to Wally....

According to one newspaper writer's opinion it is "up to Buono to fix this mess". Hmmm...I wonder how many others feel the same way.

Don't get me wrong. I think Wally is a classy guy I found some of his recent remarks off the wall.

Wally says," They're [the players] not executing the stuff the way it is suppose to be done."

Now, why is that I have to ask?

Wally says, "These are young and inexperienced quarterbacks who have a lot of upside and have to go through growing pains."

Now hang on Wally just a darn minute. When you say, These are young and inexperienced QBs who exactly are you talking about? Printers? Surely not. He's had plenty of pro experience. Jackson? Ditto! Lulay. Okay.... We'll give you that one. But although Lulay threw a game losing interception against Toronto a couple of week's ago was it Lulay who called that play while the Lions were ahead? I think not. Although Lulay fumbled the ball somewhere around the Esks' 40 yard line the next week why was he trying to pass instead of play it conservatively? Was that his call or was it made from the bench?

Your perception is that fans are looking for 'instant gratification'. I don't agree with you and I think you need to give the fans more credit than that. I think they've been very patient and they've shown a lot of confidence in your judgment and in the coaching staff.

In my opinion the Lions should not have lost their last 3 games but they did. Yes, Lulay still has to hone his skills. I really think Lulay will help win some games for the Lions. I also think the D is doing what it has to do to keep the team in the game.

I don't know what you see on the practice field during the week but from where we the fans are sitting there is a lot of quality talent that is being wasted by stupid calls from the bench and bush league play on the field. I love the Lions and while there are a lot of positives to take from each game the last thing I want to be reading from the head coach is that fans want 'instant gratification'. A third of the season will be over next week. How long are you wanting us to wait? I just want to see an honest intelligent work ethic- from everyone. No egos, not stubbornness. If replacing certain coaching staff that you are overseeing is going to make the difference then better now than when a playoff berth is out of reach. Don't you think so?

I don't think wally got stupid overnight but I do think he has more then enough on his plate with all his duties . Injuries are part of the game JJ shoulder is not 100% why risk further injury .
The D as a whole has played well they lead the league in sacks and seem to all be a strong unit. The O seems confused and not on the same page probably due to having Chaps as your OC he was the same for the Esks a few years ago. he is not very creative and his style is very perdictable.

To be honnest I'm surprised there haven't been any changes yet. Coaches or players. Wally isn't dumb enough to realize the way things are going will end up with the Lions missing the playoffs and that something needs to change. I just hope he knows what needs to get done and when to do it.

It would be nice if the D and special teams got a bit of help...

In the offseason I read a great article linked somewhere on this forum in which Wally Buono stated he recognised the need to be more flexible in listening to his assistant coaches sometimes and that he would change in that regard.

Well right about now would seem like a great opportunity to do so, but making the decision to change and executing on it successfully are a world apart for any of us confronted with having to make great changes.

As an Esks fan I would prefer Buono remain stubborn, but of course for the great coach he is I would hope he finds his way to effect some positive changes when the Lions play Calgary or Sasketchewan especially. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the Felions, well I'll take the four hotties they have already and not get greedy for more so no changes there yet please:


the offence looked a little better against Toronto but tanked big time at Edmonton. You've got to be special to lay an egg like that.