According to the Toronto Star...

An article in the Star today quotes Taafe as naming Maas as his starter against BC but that Chang will get into the game at some point, possibly at a predetermined point in the game.

That should quell the QB controversy for this week anyway.

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He said pretty much the same thing on CHCH news last night. Only real choice he could make. Like some others I think it is the correct way to go about it, play Chang a bit more every game. By the end of the season we could have two solid QBs competing (notice I said could)

Argo-Cat fan???? I suggest you kill the other half of yourself.... :twisted:

The "pre-determined point" will likely be when we are three touchdowns behind and Maas throws another interception when he was supposed to run with it.
If ever there is a time when we need a QB from the get-go who is highly mobile and sees open receivers...this game with B.C. is it.
I'm sure Charlie is using this strategy to develop Chang ..but he does have strengths that will be desperately needed Thursday night.

Dont worry Barney's development has been coming along well. He started as an Argo fan and understandably hes still partially denying his true & undying love for the Tigercats.

So as soon as the cats start putting together wins and end up at number 1, we'll see his signature change again...this time to "Cat Fan". Hopefully its sooner rather than later :lol:

I sincerely hope you are joking!
If you are even half serious, you should pick your targets better. Barneyfife is a true fan of the CFL. If he doesn't bleed Black and Gold, that doesn't detract from the fact that he is a true fan of the game, and a wise observer.

Agreed Wilf.
Its tough being an Argo fan and even tougher admitting it on this forum. However...Barneyfife is an asset to this chat page.


Anyways, with this being a short week Maas is the logical choice.

Also if the plan is to have Chang succeed and build confidence, it would be ridiculous to start Chang on the road against the best team in the CFL with only a couple of days of practice and prep!

Hey I totally know what you mean. It is quite the oxymoron!

I am sure he is a great fan and a loyal supporter of all things CFL. But you have to agree, it is quite a bold statement to be both an Argo fan and a Ticat fan.

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I really like the idea of intentionally platooning Maas and Chang for the BC game. Could they be the next Holloway/Barnes combo? (Very effective for the Argos when I was a kid).


No more ridiculous than letting Maas lose the game before bringing Chang in.
In case you haven't noticed, Chang has a number of skills that will be in great demand this Thursday night such as confidence, quick reads, mobility and the deep pass. Maas is lacking in all of these areas.
I'd say its time to see what Chang can do as a starter against the best team in the CFL.

Maas gave the Als 9 points( a self-inflicted safety and an intercept in the endzone). We lost by 9 points. The math tells me that if Chang starts at least we're even against BC. Maas' passes are poorly placed with few exceptions. Holmes and Ralph have had to reach back or down to the turf in order to make catches. Maas is a backup and that is his calling in football. There is nothing wrong with being a backup. He is what he is.
I guess Charlie and Marcel's dilemma is why pay starter money to a backup. Perhaps Jason will renegotiate his contract downward or the Cats pickup a solid #2 or #3 quarterback in the near future.
In my mind, Timmy Chang is the starter.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 )

The kind words are much appreciated. After 40-odd years of cheering for the Argos, it's hard to switch allegiances. This year with the signing of Chang who I've liked since his sophmore year at UH amd Loescher-McKay who went to the same high school as me (decades apart), I have to cheer for the Cats. Besides, I really enjoy the Cats' fans, attending games at IWS and these forums. In fact, I go to more Cats games than Argo games. So I cheer for the Argos for 18 games and the Cats 15 games (but not the three they play the Argos).

Hence my split personality.

An Argo-Cat fan

How about starting Chang and keeping him on a short leash and pulling him and putting Maas in if we are going nowhere? Every week,Maas gets the start, we struggle and fail to score and then Chang comes in and is expected to come back. Maybe a young QB like Chang would benefit from having time and being able to properly utilize the ground game without worrying about clock management and without being desperate.
Again, what do we have to lose? If he struggles, Maas can be put in the game. We already have conceded that Chang will play because we already know Maas will struggle.
Why not a little of the unknown this week?

Maas gave the Als 9 points( a self-inflicted safety and an intercept in the endzone). We lost by 9 points. The math tells me that if Chang starts at least we're even against BC. Maas' passes are poorly placed with few exceptions.
First...let's clarify something. The safety given up by Maas was an awful snap (as Bob Uecker would say, "just a bit outside"...and low. To get us in that positiion...Duvall boomed a 75 yard punt. The play prior to the punt, two (yes two) of our boys had a chance at an INT and neither could bring the ball down...inside Montreal territory. We missed one other INT that would have given us excellent field position as well. Montreal then took the ball after the safety and marched down the field for 7 more.

Soooo...the missed INT lead to 9 points.

Maas throwing an INT in the endzone (their endzone) did not give Montreal 7 points!!! That lead to no

Chang starting leaves us even with B.C.?? Well, before the opening kick-off I suppose. Maas' passes were all on target. His completion percentage was good and only jaded by the 5 drops of easy throws that we didn't haul in. A couple in first down yardage areas.

Chang's missles on the other hand, on Staurday night, looked more like grenades, exploding all over the turf of IWS. (6 incompletions in a row).

....shoulda, woulda, coulda !!!!!


It may sound cliche' but is there such a thing as "a closet Cat fan?"


According to todays National Post piece, it looks like Charlie is warming up to Jason Maas....and still not ready for Timmy Chang.
He must see something I don't see about Maas. After watching him for a season and three games I've had more than enough. But Charlie knows a heck of a lot more about football than me so I will defer to him on his decision to start Maas against B.C. No more bellyaching about Maas from me until after Thursdays game.

I too like the idea of platooning these two guys but I hope they lean toward either a 50/50 split or 60/40 in favour of Chang. I look forward to Thursday. We're not going to win, but I am cautiously optimistic that we'll keep it relatively close...

Mass is a seasoned veteran and Chang is a "youngster" who is still learning the Canadian game.

Yes, Chang has a strong upside and will probably be the starter come the end of the season or next year.

While I can't wait to see how Chang will do starting.. easing him into the role is a good plan.

-A-Leafs-Habs fan. :cowboy: