According to people around the Bombers.

There seems to be plenty of talk out there that the Alouettes are going to be the worst team in the CFL this summer – by a mile. It just doesn't compute, however. Kevin Glenn at quarterback will give them a chance every week, Duron Carter is back, and their defence under Noel Thorpe is always tough. Having Jacques Chapdelaine around to help out offensive co-ordinator Anthony Calvillo is big, too ...
Kirk Penton


Rod Pedersen in Sask. started the Als worst team talk. But as an Als fan, until we see what the AC/Chapdelaine/Glenn offense looks like starting the season, I have to rank the Als behind the other 3 East teams.

We also have question marks in the defensive backfield. (Although if you examine the other 3 teams they have weaknesses also.)

But hey that`s why they play the games!

Wait what ? Pedersen is predicting his Riders are going to win the West Division but predicts the Als are going to be the worst team in the league ??? Wow... This has lots of potential.

There was this twitter exchange:

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Does anyone else think that predicting the Esks to finish last in West was the 2nd craziest thing @rodpedersen said?

CFL News @CFL_News
.@rodpedersen - "There probably will be a crossover (to East) as Montreal's garbage. They're a hot mess." #CFL #AlsMTL via @620ckrm

At this time of the off-season, I don't worry too much about what some may say or do say/predict. Let's wait at least after the pre-season games. So many things,particularly injuries, can happen. For me, the number 1 question remains, and it is huge, the QB situation. If Kevin Glenn plays for most of the season, the Als will compete will all the teams. There are top talent on this team.


Very few reporters outside Montreal know the Als well enough for me to care about their opinion. Are we an elite team, or a Grey Cup threat? Almost certainly not. But to say we're "garbage" at this time of year, before a single shot has been fired, is just lazy journo trolling. Kevin Glenn throwing to Carter, Green, Lewis, Stafford, and Giguere, with the reigning rushing champ Sutton backed up by Rutley? Please explain to me how that's "garbage."

At least some media are interested. It's just meaningless buzz fun.

That Kirk Penton stuff came about maybe a week ago. The Rod Pedersen thing two weeks ago at the exact time he predicted the Riders would come in first. Yet, nobody make a big deal out of either. Why? Reason is simple: most everybody agrees with them. A prediction that the Als will do well in 2016? That would be something different.

Banjo Rodney predicted 11-7 for his Riders last season. And if that isn't enough ridiculed "CFL Experts" for their predictions. So he doubles down. But this year doesn't stop at his team making the post season. He has them winning the division. :lol:

I guess his predictions bode well for the Als. Since he is usually way off.

Je ne sais pas depuis quand la coupe Grey et les championnats de division se gagnent au mois d’avril, mais toutes ces discussions à propos des Alouettes de la part de partisans de leurs adversaires non seulement ne m’émeuvent pas une seconde, mais sont à la limite positives pour les Alouettes.

Je peux comprendre que ces gens les regardent de haut après les 3 saisons qu’ils ont connues et considérant qui est l’entraîneur-chef des Alouettes. Je peux le comprendre à la limite considérant que le quart-arrière partant n’a jamais réussi à gagner LA grande partie même lorsqu’il évoluait pour la meilleure équipe de la LCF. Mais je crois que cette saison sera d’un différent augure parce que contrairement aux 3 saisons précédentes, il y a de bonnes têtes de football canadien dans toutes les facettes du jeu. De la même manière, il y a de bons joueurs dans presque toutes les facettes du jeu également. Les trois grandes faiblesses offensives de l’an dernier ont passablement été comblées aussi on peut espérer que les Alouettes ne seront pas une proie facile à chaque semaine cette année. Certes, il demeure 3 points d’interrogation (bloqueur à gauche, quart-arrière substitut et tertiaire), mais cette équipe devrait être plus équilibrée cette saison.

Alors si les regards d’ailleurs considèrent les Alouettes comme les Roughriders 2015 de 2016, tant mieux. Ça pourrait les aider à en surprendre plusieurs et je ne serais pas étonné de les voir jouer les trouble-fête vers la fin de la saison. La Coupe Grey? Non. Mais je ne les en exclue pas pour autant à ce moment-ci de l’année.

The team has addressed most on field weaknesses so far.

QB: Added Kevin Glenn
DL: Added Vaughn Martin
RC: Added Carter, Stafford
C: Added Dom Picard

Areas of concern left

Left Tackle starter
Defensive backs starters
MLB: Health
Age/performance: Bowman, Cox, Green,Parker

So overall assuming this team stays healthy and the coaching staff gels and performs, this team should be improved to at least 9-9. At least that is my expectations for the Als. Is that enough for a playoff spot ? It should be but not assured. A lot of that rests on Ray’s and Collaros health and how Ottawa manages their ratio changes from last year and the loss of Jason Maas.

Excellente synthèse de la situation. :rockin:

J'ai également des doutes sur le genre de saison que connaîtra le Rouge et Noir. Elizondo ne me semble pas avoir la même profondeur que Maas pour diriger une attaque. La division Est pourrait être plus serrée cette saison que la saison passée.

To call the Als "Garbage" is over the top.

Read something interesting about the Bombers this morning. since the end of last season they have signed 7 receivers. The tallest of which is 5 feet 9 inches... So maybe the "Smurfs", also the worst team in the league the last decade in the CFL should worry about making the post season Before calling other teams "Garbage".

Riders have cut another 10 with more to come. That brings the total to around 35 players removed from last year's roster. They will be lucky to have 10 starters with CFL experience by the time bullets fly. Jones will either be regarded as the greatest in CFL history or Mike Kelly's brother from another mother.

One of the players released is former Laval DT Brandon Tennant, highly regarded before the 2015 draft, but only picked in the 7th round. He`s battled injuries in the past but did get into a couple of games with the Riders at the end of the season.

Might be someone worth bringing in to compete with Martin, Klausen, etc.

Est-ce qu'on peut blâmer Jones de faire le ménage dans une équipe qui a terminé avec une fiche de 3-15?

Si je compte les joueurs qu'on peut qualifier de partants qui sont au sein de cette équipe, ça en fait 18. J'y inclus notamment Ed Gainey et Corvey Irvin.

I’m not blaming him. I’m commenting.

These blow ups of rosters have seldom worked. In fact I can’t remember a team every being successful doing it. Now I consider Jones and Murphy the top 2 recruiters in the league but I’m very interested to see how they win their division as predicted :wink:

Moi aussi! :wink:

These blow ups of rosters have seldom worked. In fact I can't remember a team every being successful doing it. Now I consider Jones and Murphy the top 2 recruiters in the league but I'm very interested to see how they win their division as predicted :wink:
Dans l'état actuel des choses, cette équipe repose encore passablement sur les épaules d'un Durant sérieusement hypothéqué. Je ne sais pas si Smith serait à la hauteur pour devenir partant cette saison, mais il me semble clair que lorsque Durant tombera au combat cette année, ils n'ont peut-être pas encore le quart qu'il leur faudra pour être efficaces en attaque. Ça demeure une année de reconstruction et tout progrès devrait être bienvenu de la part de leurs partisans.