According To Marty York , we're the laughinstock of the CFL.

Hamilton at Winnipeg

ODDMSAKERS' LINE: Winnipeg is favoured by 10 points.
MARTY SAYS: Just as the great Winnipeg journalist Scott Taylor predicted when the season began -- and he didn't have much company at the time -- the Blue Bombers are very much for real and are one of the few dominant teams in the CFL. The Tiger-Cats are laughingstocks. And so, yes, this will be another one-sided, snore-bore we're seeing far too often in the CFL this year.


Just thought I'd post what he has written about us.

“Great” is a term thrown around too loosely.

The “Great” Scott Taylor admitted to plagiarism not too long ago.

[url=] ... 41124.html[/url]

IMHO He’s more of an entertainer than a journalist.

And same goes for Marty.

Now that Forbidden Website…that’s “great”.


It's Marty that's the laughingstock. :thdn:

What major national newspaper did you find that article in?? Oh wait it was the free Go transit news thingy wasn't it?? Enough said :smiley:

I always thought Marty was a great judge of talent. :lol: :wink:

regardless of the slow start and a blow out last week. (the way I look at blow outs... is to forget it as soon as it happens move on to the next day.)

I still think the ticats have a pretty good football team.

Once everyone is on the same page things will turn around.
Jason Mass needs to relax, he seems like he's trying too hard because the team is losing & that makes him rushing the plays.

Give the team abit more time to gel and when they do look out it will be entertaining

I suppose that if there's any positive to be a laughingstock, it's that the teams you beat down the road are going to look awful foolish for laughing at you. Being the league's patsy is one thing - being beaten by them...

Marty is a DORK and everyone should realize that September only has 30 days not 31 as he wrote in the only rag that will publish him. Stay behind the Cats as when Maas gets healthy we will be aforce to be dealt with. Remember the close games BEFORE the BLOW OUT!!!!!!!!!!

it's that the teams you beat down the road are going to look awful foolish for laughing at you
ya never know.

I remember back in 91. The ticats were not good that yr either. BC went into the last game of the season in first place in the west. The sports action betting odds were 6-1 in favor of BC. Dam ticats beat them, and with the results of the Edmonton and Calgary games, the Lions dropped to 3rd.

I dont think lions and their fans were laughing after that game. Never count any team out of any game, specially the ticats :slight_smile:

How do I remember this so clearly? Because, if I had bought a 20 dollar ticket betting on the only combination that would drop the lions into 3rd place, which is the kinda thing I usually do, I woulda won 300. But I forgot to do it...wwaaaaaaahhhh. sniff, sob, :cry:

Marty's right.

When I moved to Quebec seven years ago, Hamilton was a feared and respected franchise. Now, Als fans look upon Hamilton as a miserable, hapless outfit that deserves sympathy, not respect. ("Gee, I hope you guys can somehow win another game this year.")

It's sad to see how the Cat brand has been diminished due to incompetent football operations and a consistently shoddy on-field product.