According to HERB AC wants to play 2 to 3 more years

Heard this on the radio- I was shocked when I heard this-- AC is finished and refuses to allow the younger QBS to take over.

I'll go you one BETTER

I heard Jim Popp say he'd be fine with AC playing another 5 years

:roll: :roll: :roll:

I wonder how they like Winnipeg ? :lol:

[i]Hey Gridiron goofy, who said that? On which radio station? Do you have a link? Nope, cause you pulled that out of your arse!!!

You have been spouting crap about Calvillo for several days now. Pretending to have a concussion :roll: Yeah right!!!!

Go back to your besame mucho Senior ah me. You two daffadils can bounce paranoid conspiracy theories off of each other... [/i]

[i]That was polite BS coach speak to reporters. Popp will not throw Calvillo under the bus publicly. Again, little Senior looks for confirmation bias to be angry at Calvillo, and prop up his lover Mister “I write bad checks” McPherson.

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Yeah, I mean, what is anyone going to say in this situation besides all the expected cliché?

Here's an expected cliché:

G'Bye Old Man...
Don't let the door hit your a$$ets on the way out!!!

something like THAT?


I think herb means AC wants to play 2 to 3 more years with senior’s head.

He can "play" 2-3 more years if he wants.. as a backup/mentor I'd be more than happy with that.
Would rather he retire and just join the coaching staff instead, so his salary doesn't count against the cap. :wink:

That was exactly Buono's point yesterday. If he's willing to take a step back like Joseph,Jackson he could enjoy another 300/400k. I just don't see that from him. Hope I'm wrong.

Yikes! Anthony, unless you really turn this thing around - and I mean set the world on fire - this is not a good idea!

Although you had different O-schemes this year, and both you and the O-team may not have completely bought into them, you do know how to throw passes, you do know how to call plays, you do know how to execute. Except in dribs and drabs here and there we haven't seen that this year.

So, unless you come back very strong as stated above, I think you need to realize that all things, even good ones, come to an end. On the basis of your play thus far, it would appear to be the case. When you return to play, you'll have to make a judicious an honest assessment of yourself; the owner and coaching staff most certainly will.