According to Glen Suitor...The Peg had the flu!

According to Suitor, Winnipeg has been suffering from the flu bug thus the Ti-Cat victory today. :cowboy:

Where did you pick up that info?? He's not a Hamilton fan, to say the least.

I think at the next game I'll wear a swine-flu mask and write TSN on it.

Well I guess if the Flames win the Stanley Cup this year there should be an asterisk by their name. And that is not going to happen, the asterisk that is.

Whatever! Pretty nice of him to make excuses for them. I bet the flu is the reason why Bowman stunk up the joint. :roll:

Glen Suitor needs to be pulled aside by someone and given a talking to. Hamilton has played well as of late and every game he comes up with some lam excuse why the other team faltered.
Give it up Glen, as a professional broadcaster you need to show a little respect to the East since we have the two best teams in the league this yr.
Doc 8)

That was funny buckwheat :lol: :lol: :lol: I hear Glenn got the rider flu he’s always kissing there butt

ha ha ha You tell him Doc... :smiley:

They sure did... it was the Bishop Flu.... terrible terrible diasease... Sakatchewan had it last year, luckily they were able to get an antedote for it...... word is Toronto had it too.. but quickly replaced it with the Jojo flu.... scary stuff I hear!!

Blah Blah Blah excuses excuses

Maybe they would have beat us if the SPY was not caught during the regular Season ..

They said that about Saskatchewan last week. I guess anybody the Cats beat has the flu!

There is a very weak pun in there :

The Bombers FLU over the Ticats' nest... :wink:

Suitor sucks ........................... If it ain't green he making excuses! Black and Suitor = Pantloads

What’s the big deal if they did have the flu?

Why would that jerkoff even say this. it makes no sense.

Hey ETMraw...right on the money. The Cats don't get any respect. Another reason we won was the fact that Bishop owes the car leasing company $110,000.00 and therefore his mind wasn't on the game. Geez, maybe we should replay the game to be fair. What do you think. :cowboy:

Could it be that you're also a Flames fan?? :smiley:

Bish rocks, wish i knew what happened there

link for this supposed quote?

I don't understand why TSN hates the Ticats.

I was PO'd at the opening sequence of the game today. TSN, you though would have started out by saying, if the Cats win today, they can get home field for the first time since 2001. Instead, they talk about Winnipeg and how they need to win to get in for about 90 seconds and then in about 10 secs they say, oh, Hamilton wins and they play at home.

Rod Black never gets excited for a Ticats touchdown. Suitor now is just making excuses.

I guess it's because we aren't the lovable loser anymore.

That's perfect guys. We don't want anyone to get the idea that we are in this. We don't want anyone's respect because we really don't deserve it. We're just happy to make the playoffs... we don't expect anything more.... We are happy just to host the eastern semi-final and have no expectations of beating the almighty Lions not to mention the incredibly talented Alouettes if we even get that far. Our season is already a huge success. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

One game at a time boys. one win at a time... before they know it we'll be in Calgary. But you didn't hear that from me. :cowboy: