According to Damien Cox "very possible at the moment" that the Argonauts could be joining the XFL in 2023

There is a case to be made for having more teams definitely. But I still think it's important what sport it is that they're playing.

I watch the World Cup and sometimes the Euro Cup but I still don't watch the CPL or MLS for that matter although there is a lower cost for entry into these sports - both as a fan going to a CPL game and a kid playing the sport.

But think about lacrosse. Without looking it up, I'm guessing the NLL has at least 12 teams and yet the interest has dropped like a rock in the last 20 years.

So while we need more teams the sport we're watching is still the main draw.


That's what the Vanier Cup is for.

But the Grey Cup is for the national championship of Canada and it shouldn't matter whether amateur, which is what it was intended for in the first place anyways, and pros are vying for it. Remember reading that in the U.S. the U.S. Open Cup National Championship, is a tournament where both amateur and pros compete.

Probably need to give some full rides to attract the best talent to those teams, yes

There is still a big difference between university and pro ball though. No way that one of those teams could keep pace with a CFL team.


I am of the opinion that the Grey Cup should continue to be awarded to the CFL champion, no matter its origins. This is consistent with many other trophies/championships. They have evolved from their roots and that is good for the game.

The Stanley Cup was not originally awarded to “pros” as the players competing at that time didn’t play hockey for a living. The Ryder Cup as well. Arguably the greatest golfer ever, Bobby Jones, never turned pro. He started the Masters and although that has been open to pros for a long time, the Masters is the only significant tournament that still includes a measurable amount of amateurs. And they never win.

If the Ryder Cup, Stanley Cup and Grey Cup were vied for by an amateur team each year, that would cheapen its meaning and status. Only the best should compete for the ultimate trophy in any sport. In the sports we are discussing amateurs cannot compete with pros. Amateur means just what it sounds like. I am not saying don’t support amateurs, just that they are in a different sphere and most of the time can’t compete with the best. You wouldn’t want an amateur fixing your car or shingling your roof or performing surgery on you. Why would you want to watch an amateur team being blown out by a superior team of pros?

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The Grey Cup is now and since the 1950s been a pro based championship.

The Vanier Cup, which started as a college bowl invitation, was created to fill the void and award the championship for university amateur football.

Like Jon stated the Grey Cup would lose it's luster at the amateur level.

Junior Football has the Canadian Bowl as it's national championship.

The Grey Cup is the National championship for pro football in Canada


The XFL will find out that the Argonauts don't 'join' anything. They 'stick' like something you accidently stepped in. :grin:


Who cares about 'lustre', that's subjective, the Grey Cup is what it is and so is the Allan Cup for that matter, the Memorial Cup, the Vanier Cup, those players that compete for these championships do very much care even if the media doesn't care as much about the winners like a Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, World Series, NBA Championship, MLS Cup etc. Lustre, like beauty with art, is actually in the eye of the beholder. Personally I couldn't give a rats arse if the CFL, the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS survive or not, just a bunch of pro leagues with players only caring about how much money they make. Whereas a trophy with history like the Grey Cup, or Stanley Cup has it's lustre far beyond what any pro league with money and media-prestige brings. Hey that's just me, my guess is no one on this board has a clue what I'm talking about. No one. Not a single soul.

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There is nothing wrong with watching the Memorial or Vanier or Allan Cup playoffs and enjoying them, so I get that, but it is still not the pinnacle of the sport and for the former two at least, is boys compared to men in the pros. What you also overlook is that the Grey Cup and Stanley Cup are what they are and have the luster they have because of their history of being won by the best pros. Flutie, Dunigan , Moon, Salisbury, Orr, Gretzky, Lemieux and Lafleur were all pros. While it appears that most, if not all, trophies over 100 years old were originally vied for by amateurs, that has changed over time. There were simply few pro athletes in any sport back then.

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Either that 'rats arse' is worth a whole lot or I don't know what you're doing here let alone "what (you're) talking about." :thinking:

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I love Canadian football or football played in Canada, whether the CFL survives or not. Not rocket science my friend, I'm not that smart and my bet is you are a lot smarter than me to figure out what I'm getting at. If not, that's on you and your buddies that think like you, not me.

I would be devastated (as a diehard Bombers' fan since the 1970's) if the CFL DIDN'T survive so there's just no way that I could relate to your "I couldn't give a rats arse if the CFL, the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS survive or not..." comment. Sorry I just don't get it. I'm out of touch with the way a lot of sportsfans think these days.

I also missed the part where you pledged your "love for Canadian football or football played in Canada" (I still can't find it). Again... sometimes I don't get it right.


Look, the gist of what I'm getting at is that pro sports gets under my skin in some ways with the money aspect and that, it bugs me and I've come to appreciate more and more amateur sports and what they have to offer.

Bottom line though is I really do enjoy the CFL and the fight for the Grey Cup each year, sometimes with the neurological issues I have, I have been diagnosed with Lewy Body disease which Robin Williams was diagnosed with after death (they didn't know what he had during life) which affects thinking abilities and personality, not so much memory though like Alzheimer's, so sometimes my thoughts get scatter brained sort of thing, I think one thing one minute and when I type it out it comes out not well said. And then I start thinking about something else and I haven't finished my train of thought for the first thing I was thinking about. And other symptoms like parkinson's tremors, getting confused with directions outside, my legs get stuck and sometimes it's in the middle of an intersection walking and I hold up traffic and have had police ask if I need help, spasms all over the body etc. Going to the ground and not being able to move. Not being able to talk at times and being confused as to where I am. Delusions about things not happening but I think they are. Life can be difficult at times and one thing I ask of anyone who has loved ones with any type of dementia or Parkinson's or neurological problem is to try and be patient with them if you can although I know it can be frustrating, my wife is at wit's end sometimes although I'm fully functional right now thankfully but I know there will come a time when I won't be. You just have to keep going and not get depressed, that is the biggest thing I would say with this.

I do enjoy for the most part the Canadian football rules different from American football, played in the CFL or university, junior high school but I'm more of a general gridiron fan, I enjoy watching American football a lot as well. I enjoy watching teams fight for the Grey Cup each year but that being said, I wish the Grey Cup was fought for by university teams as well but I know this doesn't make sense too much since the CFL took control of the Grey Cup decades ago. So I'm just a bit frustrated with this situation because there are more university teams across Canada and the Grey Cup would be more inclusive for me, maybe more interesting, if all the university teams could be in the hunt for the Cup each year. But this can't be so it's a dilemma for me and really this is my problem to deal with, not anyone else's problem nor is the CFL's problem. That's all if this makes any sense at all. I won't talk about this anymore on this forum if I can help it but I do some OCD behaviour as well and need to keep this under control. It can get stupid.

Sorry for the long spiel, time for bed after watching a lot of NFL today. Wrong on both counts as to the winning teams today, we'll see tomorrow. Packers, thought they would win for sure. Nope.


Oh. Well... I can't say that my brain is in perfect working order either. Sometimes I say odd things too paper oblong canteloupe. Keep on smilin' Aerial.

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Yea, this thread has gone waaay off course and it's done.


Initiating self-destruct sequence...


Anyways, back to the original concept of this thread, update from Dwayne. You never know, the Argos could jump ship, eh?:

"The XFL player will be the hardest and hungriest players in the world. So, football nation, we are building this for you, the XFL is watching… all for the love of football."

Even NBC Sports did a short piece on the possibility :

Oh yes, but the costs are out of this world now given the security, infrastructure, and green considerations.

To your point, I figure that the marginal cost of a minimum 20K stadium as opposed to merely 15K, relative to the enhanced value of the gate of big games over time let alone the increased buzz, is probably worth it for more of such communities.

But maybe a civil engineer here or others with infrastructure experience can weigh in here?

Also I am talking about a new venue on which there is plenty of land not a renovation on a tight lot and also not with a very expensive retractable roof.

Ah, okay, The Rock again when he's not making movies and having a record year again ...wake me up in 2023 then ... :sleeping: