According to Damien Cox "very possible at the moment" that the Argonauts could be joining the XFL in 2023

I would add, that is your opinion. Your not a corporate lawyer correct?
I'm just re posting, no need to be upset. Or make accusation towards an unknown writer.

In the situations with Tor, Ott, BC, Mtl & Ham. The owners just quit. Didn't attempt to move them to another league.

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Definitely an unknown writer.

Click bait by Damien Cox.


I'm pro merger, but if the Argos alone were ever to join us stop caring. Such a disrespect to the rest of the league.
Problem is that MLSE thought that by just owning the Argos they could turn it around, but they haven't done ANYTHING to increase the team's visibility in the city... And they're still complaining.

But also, anything Damien Cox writes is trash


I'm not suggesting the writer is unknown, I'm suggesting prairiedog72 does not know who the writer is, nor do you.

Worst case scenario: the CFL folds...but comes back as the CFA (Canadian Football Association) two years later with no more than eight teams.

After enough time passes and it becomes legal according to Canadian law, the CFA can replace their temporary nicknames with their original nicknames -- Montreal Bears (maroon, blue, and silver team colors) gets renamed as the Montreal Alouettes, etc.

Now here where it gets good. The CFA adopts fan desired (global and not just Canadian surveyed) playoff format, and overtime rules but keeps essentially the same CFL rule book rules.

And since the league takes two to three years off (no money going out), a Wittenberg-like indoor domed stadium attachment can be constructed at each of the league's stadiums.

Fa la la la laaa

Despite attendance issues I see Montreal being far more risky to jump ship
You saw the (early) success of the Machine (which presumably would have continued had the team not sucked and the news of the leagues death started circulating)

Plus Montreal is in a unique situation (new market, will not step on NFL territory which both Toronto and BC would)

Either way... so many threads on change / death / merger ... becoming more laughable than the expansion threads even

I have listened (for decades) about the impending death

I DO agree though that certain things to grow the league are outright obvious (play at lower school levels, a video game which is nearly a necessity, and stepping up the branding / merch routes)

Ottawa (Gleiberman) certainly DID attempt to move the team after purchasing them in 1991
The league took back the franchise and traded them the expansion team for a reduced fee 1994
They then proceeded to try and move the Pirates next but by that point noone cared

Also they proceeded to kill the Renegades after taking ownership in 2005

(Funny NONE of the Gleiberman teams lasted more than a couple of years)

I also will point out the XFL is a super weak league, both iterations of it not only folded but lost insane amounts of money so its not like Toronto would even do better there

At least the WLAF (and earlier USFL) did ok as they had a vision of sorts. XFL has too many rumours floating around of fixing games and will never disassociate the baggage of the MacMahons


In fairness, Gleiberman(s) were moving them to another CFL franchise (USA) location, if I recall correctly.

They should never have been part of league in the first place.

They were the saving grace?

The CFL has the tendency to attract some of most inept owners majority of the time.

They can only attract those who are interested.

The good news is for both BC and Montreal there we're choices in who to pick.

Saying that, MLSE recruited the Als owners so they'll have some influence moving forward. IF MLSE does bolt for the XFL, what's stopping the Als from following suit?

Would love to be a fly on the wall should those talks happen.

Even if the report is true, and I have a big hesitation that it is considering it's coming from Damien Cox... they'd lose just as much or more in the XFL, for the 1 or 2 seasons that the league exists for.


I don't blame any owner that wants to jump ship to the XFL. I would guarantee that Toronto, Montreal and BC would draw way better crowds than they currently draw. The CFL hasn't worked for decades. Same old sorry song. We need to address the issues in our big markets (TOR, MTL and BC) blah, blah, blah. The truth is there is not enough interest in these markets for a league that lives in the past and banks on it being "Canada's game". Make real changes to the game see if it works. You really have nothing to lose.


No. No. No.
and NO. Let’s talk about nonsense after the Grey Cup.


Good post and I'd add to this that if being a "dying brand" wasn't bad enough, outside of Canada it either becomes the "inferior brand" or "non-existent brand".

In the UK, Sky Sports covers the NFL while BT Sport covers NCAA and CFL. I have 1% certainty that this is due to passion for Canadian football, and 99% certainty that the rights are about 100 times cheaper to buy and that if NFL rights ever came up for grabs and BT Sport were in the financial position to get them, they'd fight tooth and nail against their big rival.

An additional problem is that BT Sport ALSO showed a good chunk of XFL games, so you have the additional theoretical scenario of the rebooted XFL taking off and CFL coverage being binned entirely.

You also have the perception among casual fans that American football begins and ends with the NFL, while only the most hardcore of hardcore fans will even know or care about the CFL and I'm unsure how much effect BT's coverage has really had in shifting this attitude because a CFL game always is competing with SOMETHING on the other channels, whether that's soccer, college basketball, UFC etc.

I know some people here trash the "Global Initiative" and are adamant that the CFL should be "Canada's Game", but I have to ask, can it even SURVIVE, let alone thrive, by promoting itself as a "100% Canadian" sport (in which most who PLAY it as pros are Americans?!).

If anything, I'd make the Global ties even deeper - you know how teams had the "QB internship" for USports quarterbacks? If possible, why not do a "player internship" for Globals EXCLUDING special teams - this way teams will get to see who can truly cut it in skill positions and we won't have people laughing at a draft full of punters and kickers.


Isn't it great that a Toronto reporter came out with this story as the CFL playoffs are starting. Wow, the timing of it was clearly an accident.

I still don't believe the Argos can walk away from the CFL with name and logo.
MLSE owns a CFL franchise. They have marketing rights to the name and logo, but I don't believe they own it. I believe the league has to sign off on such matters.

Would TSN like this move? If this somehow killed the league, they would be trading in solid sports ratings for a league, vs 1 team.

I still laugh that people would think this would work.
Why would Toronto follow a league that in the past has been a feeder league to the CFL. Not only that, but spring football seems to have a niche market, but never seems to be enough for additional fans and investors. They didn't support US college bowl games when they had a chance to host. They didn't support the Bills experiment, and yes it wasn't a Toronto team. Yet London gets stuck with the Jaquars every year and the stadium is bursting, and if its England the ticket prices would be horrendously expensive, still full.


funny, Argos were drawing more to the games then the Blue Jays or TFC but he didn't write anything about that.

Also Leafs had empty seats at the opener and there are empty seats at the Raptors through out the season. Lets view the next home game and see. Cox doesn't say anything about that either.

He under estimates the support the Argos have in Toronto. Unless the rest of the league joins the XFL then the support will be very soft I should think . I definitely won't support Bell or TSN in this endeavor. Won't need to anymore and I am sure many others will feel the same. Bell and TSN could hurt themselves. It's a gamble on their part. People get fired if its the wrong move. My season seats won't be renewed in a different league and I have a fair number if you consider charity seat donations through out the season plus the Raptors and Leafs - corporate seats - Both are a hard sell if the teams aren't doing well - nobody will take them even if they are free, thats the truth.

XFL starting in Feb after the SB north of the border, not good

MLB stated they lost Billions as did MLS. Google it. Cox didn't write about their demise.

CFL needs to continue with revenue sharing as the Argos draw fairly well on the road. Also the commissioner said he will experiment in the preseason, I would hope that happens as the right moves will resonate through the football world. Doesn't mean the rules will change but I am sure if the experiment with 4 downs happens it will be talked about all season long.

Where is the commissioner, the fans need leadership but he doesn't say anything!


There certainly won’t be any support in Western Canada, not even soft support, I would predict.

The whole thing sounds like a long shot to me. I don’t know this local eastern writer at all but several have posted doubts about his integrity and motivation for writing what he did.

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Roger's stooge conveniently forgets that TFC is loosing multi-millions every year even with franchise fees. They even lost $10 million the year they won M(inor)LS Cup. They probably lost even more than that this year, my guess at least $20 million.